Greek Mythology and Heracles Family Essay

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Greek Mythology and Heracles Family

The Greek heroes Heracles, Jason, Perseus and Theseus are all intriguing characters of Greek mythology. They each portray many different qualities and compare and contrast each other. For example the fact that Heracles was constantly a target of Hera and Theseus a target of Medea links them as characters.

Also, Heracles frees Theseus from the chair of forgetfulness which also makes them similar. Even further, Perseus is from the city of Argos which happens to be where Heracles’ family is from as well. Another similarity between Heracles and Theseus is that they attack the Amazons together and both tend to rid the lands of certain monsters. Heracles also worked together in the Argonaut crew with Jason. All these heroes also tend to share great physical strengths and capabilities to defeat their enemies.

These four heroes also differ from each other. Jason seemed to be portrayed as somewhat of a weaker character and Perseus seemed to receive much more help from gods and goddesses, even by Heracles, more than the other heroes did. It may have been because they favored him more. Another distinguishing feature is that Heracles was an average human being before he became immortal.

As far as how each hero handles their quests, all four of them seem to mentally be prepared for each quest. They tend to each focus on the task at hand. For example, Heracles labors to catch a deer that is lightning fast; he perseveres for a year before he catches it. They all seem to show dedication and patience to each mission.

However unlike Theseus who picks more dangerous routes, maybe for more of a mental challenge, Perseus does not seem to be as mentally focused but more on the physical side of things. Perseus is more physical and does not have to use as much intellectual thinking because he is gifted by nymphs and gods that give him the right tools to succeed on his quest. Heracles stands out as a physical hero since the day he was born by having to fight off the snakes that Hera sent his way and the fact that most of the twelve labors were aimed for his failure yet he succeeds.

Another impressive success was the cleaning of the Augean stables by means of diverting 2 rivers. Each of these four heroes has honorable qualities that drives them in their quests and make them compare and contrast to each other.

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