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Essay on Greek mythology

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Myth of Phaethon

The first picture had a modern twist of texture and colors to the story with an unbalanced feeling. The second one had a more classical feeling to it with a sense of unity which made the painting itself have a more subtle and gentle feeling to it. Each painting in some way makes it easier for the audience to understand the myth. It is a way for people to show what they see as they read the story. ...

Odysseus and Aeneus: Travels to the Dark Side

The concepts of opposing and complimentary genders, divine mortal and immortal influence, and pagan and Christian-like theologies and belief systems all contribute to the development of the tales The Odyssey and The Aeneid as well as place meaning and focus on the heroes Odysseus and Aeneus and their travels down into the realm of the dead, giving each character definition and shape in the similar...

Religon in Pompeii and Herculaneum

Household religion is a very important part of any citizen’s life and was practiced daily and the people believed that honouring the spirits would cause great fortune and contentment. Usually the routine a family would follow daily is the household gathering around the Lalarium which was usually lactated near the kitchen while the head of the family places an offering of food and wine while pray...

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The Metamorphoses: Apollo and Daphne

Thus the god and the nymph sped on, one made swift by hope and one by fear; but he who pursued was swifter, for he was assisted by love’s wings. He gave the fleeing maiden no respite, but followed close on her heels and his breath touch the locks that lay scattered on her neck, till Daphne’s strength was spent, and she grew pale and weary with the effort of her swift flight. Then she saw the w...

Ancient Greek Architecture Dedicated to Gods

The temple of Hephaestus is angled with sides of 13.708 m north to south and 31. 776 m east to west, with six columns on the short east and west sides and thirteen columns along the longer north and south sides. The temple of Zeus is much larger with sides of 96 meters along its sides and 40 meters along its eastern and western faces and has 104 columns. Material for both buildings is marble. The ...

Troy Historical Accuracy

The bow and stern would also be more angled and arched up. The movie depicts the ships bow to be flat on many ships. The movie Troy is a great story about the war between Troy and the Spartans. It depicts Achilles as a great warrior and in a strange way kind man. It has the beauty of Helen and the Anger of Menelaus. Much of this movie has been done historically correct however there are major flaw...

Clash of the Titans

The film features art, architecture and wear from a broad swath of culture periods from ancient Greece. However, the majority of pieces appear to be from around the mid to late classical period of ancient Greek art. Since this is the golden age of Greece and the time most highly associated with ancient Greece in popular culture and gives the film the classic romantic feeling of Greece which sets t...

Battle of Artemisium Themistocles

Ultimately, the defeat of Persia can be attributed to many different factors but Themistocles’ role was most prominent of all the Greek individuals in ancient society. His leadership, tactics and strategies during the inter-war period and the numerous battles during 480-479 BC, was essential to Greek victory. His efforts to outwit and outthink the Persians are commendable and without a doubt, Th...

Is Aeneas Pious

And so, does this make him as much of a character of mythology as the monsters he encountered in hell, and because of this, I feel the important question is not: ‘is Aeneas pious? ’ but is instead, why is he pious? If Aeneas was not pious, and was instead a mimic of Homer’s Odysseus, who is often represented as Aeneas’ antithesis, would there be any purpose in Virgil’s poem? No, there wo...

Cult of Hera

The offerings were cedar white figurines inlaid with gold, represented Herakles fight with Acheloos. Other items important to the ancient Greek, such as, Iphitus bronze disk and a carved ivory chest hidden by cypselos, were believe to have been stored in the temple. In later years the cult housed the famous Hermes of Praxiteles. The cult stood for almost a thousand years, until about 300 A. D....

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