Greek Contributions Essay

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Greek Contributions

Contributions of Ancient Greece Many of the roots of Western society can be traced back to ancient Greece. The longest areas of contribution are architecture, medicine, and philosophy. The philosophical area of ancient Greece is one of the most important; it foundededucational laws and many other things. Also architecture was a major part of what ancient Greece left behind considering they constructed huge buildings that still stand today. Greece was known as one of the founders of modern medicine since they learned how to fix dislocated joints and broken arms. Those are the major contributions left behind from the Greek’s. One of the advancement’s that affects western civilization is architecture. Greece created huge buildings such as the Parthenon and Pantheon. Columns that are used in the Parthenonare found all over the world today such as the White House and other Government buildings such as the Capital Building and The Jefferson Memorial. Also the limestone and marble in the buildings and column’s are still used today because of their beauty and durability.

The amazing architecture of Greece gave us the idea of creating massive buildings and columns. One of the greatest contributions of ancient Greece is philosophy. Aristotle, the great philosopher believed that reason is the one thing that guides lives. The three philosophers Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates founded the main idea of philosophy today. Socrates thought that you should ask questions that caused you to think deeply about a subject and find the truth in everything. Plato founded the idea that there should be laws on education. These three philosophers together created the idea that we should take what life gives us but find the truth in everything. These famous Greek philosophers set morals and ideas that we use in everyday life. One of the greatest achievements in the ancient world was medicine. There were many doctors who practiced things that will make patients feel better or be cured without hurting patients.

Before a doctor called Hippocrates the ancient world believed that gods and demons cause illnesses but then he came around and taught that diseases had natural causes. The doctors of Greece showed us how to find many cures, put dislocated joints back in place, and how to reset bones. Finally they gave us the idea that doctors should do everything in their power to do what is best for the patient. Ultimately, the many contributions of ancient Greece affected our world in many different ways. Medicine helped us to cure many people and have people feel better when they broke something, dislocated something, or even had a disease. Philosophy of Greece founded the way we learn and question things in today’s world. Finally the architecture of Greece has survived the test of time and impacts many important buildings in the United States of America and many other countries in the world. All in all those are the many contributions of ancient Greece.

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