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Greek Art: The Archaic Period
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Greek Art has a distinct and fascinating relation when it comes to discussing art and architecture, from sculptures to paintings, to engraved pots and vases. Interestingly, the most fascinating aspect of Greek Culture is the influence of their literature and mythology that is combined with it. Moreover, the following paper discusses the Archaic Art of Greece, where sculpting was one of the most modern and emerging forms of art to exist. This sculpture is believed to be the first sculpture…...
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Attic White Ground Lekythos
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The lekythos shown on the title page was found in the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. It is titled “Attic White Ground Lekythos” ca. 460 BC and was painted by the “Achilles Painter. ” Its dimensions are H. 0. 385 m. , D. 0. 12 m. It was possibly found in Athens, and is from the Attica region and is labeled as early classical. The image shown on the lekythos is of two women, one a maid…...
Ancient GreeceGreek ArtHistory
Timeline of the Ancient Greek Art
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Pages • 5
Ancient Greek art differs from other ancient cultures, because of its reliance on depictions of human anatomy. While there were innovations in the field of painting, many did not survive the turbulent wars that the Greek empire faced. Therefore, ancient Greece is survived today by its sculptures and pottery. Stylistically, ancient Greek art is classified into four different epochs: the Geometric, the Archaic, the Classical and the Hellenistic periods. The Geometric Period of Ancient Greece (900-700 B.C.) The geometric period…...
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Similarities and Differences between Greek and Roman Arts
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Greek and Roman arts are both classified as classical art. Although Greek art is categorized into four phases, geometric, archaic, Hellenistic and classical, it is only the latter that had major influence and became the antecedent for the western art culture. Therefore, classical art in Greece was the primary influence on the Roman art. After the Greek empire fell to the romans in 146 B.C., they adopted all aspects of Greek art and architecture. However, they molded the borrowed techniques…...
ArtGreekGreek Art
Battle of Artemisium Themistocles
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Pages • 5
Assess Themistocles’ role in the Greek defeat of the Persians in 480-479 BC. Themistocles stands paramount above the rest of the Greek figures as the Athenian general, whose abilities as a tactician and strategist thwarted the Persian invasion force into mainland Greece. Described by ancient writer Thucydides as ‘an unmistakable natural genius… and deserves our admiration’, Themistocles was the most influential leader of the Athenian war effort against the Persians. He realised that the Persian threat was imminent, even after…...
Greek ArtGreek mythologyHistory And LegendLiterary GenreMythology
Visual Analysis of the Marble Statue of Aphrodite
Words • 876
Pages • 4
Aphrodite statues were very popular in Greece during the Hellenistic period. The marble Aphrodite of Knidos was the most renowned among the many Greek goddesses. Also written as the Aphrodite of Cnidus, the marble sculpture was created by an Attic sculptor known as Praxiteles during the 4th century BC. Arguably, it is believed to be the earliest major sculpture to show the goddess in the nude. Praxiteles also created another draped version of the marble Aphrodite of Knidos. It is…...
Ancient GreeceArt analysisArt HistoryGreek ArtHistory
Clash of the Titans
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Pages • 5
The classic cinematic masterpiece “The Clash of the Titans” tells the tale of Perseus, one of the first great hero’s of ancient Greece. The film has excellent set and costume design with very accurate depictions of ancient Greek culture. From comparing the art and architecture featured in the film to the examples we learned about in class and other examples I found myself, the film appears to be set around the high to late Greek classical period and also features…...
Ancient GreeceCinemaCinematographyFilmGreek ArtGreek mythology
The Delian League
Words • 1149
Pages • 5
Explain the methods used by the Athenians to transform the Delian League into the Athenian Empire. (25 marks) There is certainty no evidence to suggest that the Athenians had any long-term plans, in the years 479-470 BC, to change the Delian League into an empire, although from the beginning the potential to develop into an imperial power were there. Because from the beginning, Athens had considerable power as she was the permanent hegemon. The most important aspects involving the transformation…...
Ancient GreeceGreek ArtHistoryPeriodSparta
Tragedy as a Kind of Greek Art
Words • 2484
Pages • 10
Tragedies are a common genre of literature which began during the ancient. Many narratives or stories found its way to libraries and household shelves in this form. Like other genre's of literature, tragedies also have standards with which the power of it being an effective tragedy is measured. According to Felski (2008), tragedy is a form of literature that tells of suffering as well as aspects of society which are typically discussed as a social norm. Tragedies present life differently…...
Greek ArtTragedyWriter
History of Greece: The Dark Ages
Words • 2012
Pages • 9
The Dark Age of Greece describes a duration of time where all knowledge of Mycenae construction, painting, sculpture, reading and composing disintegrated due to Dorian invasion. One type of art that continued through the duration of the Mycenaean failure was the art of pottery. Pottery, more specifically vase painting, was the beginning of an illustrative development in Greek art and was considered a resilient kind of art because it ensured the survival of artifacts for long durations of time unlike…...
GreeceGreek ArtHistoryVisual Arts
Aegean, Roman, and Greek Cultures
Words • 816
Pages • 4
Aegean civilization flourished during the Bronze Age in Greece and the so-called Aegean Age. Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations were among those civilizations in the Aegean that has made its zenith during this era. Minoan civilization developed on the mountainous areas of Crete. Crete naturally possessed a wide-range of harbors which made it possible for the Minoans to settle and establish permanent livelihood as traders and merchants. From 1700 BC, they were involved in various trades including the important tin trading…...
ArtCultureGreek Art
The Myth of Hades: Relevance Today
Words • 1221
Pages • 5
Today Greek mythology tells the story of a dark underworld called Hades, named after its formidable ruler, Hades, the god of death and the dead (Atsma, 2008). According to the surrounding mythology, souls entering Hades had to cross each of five subterranean rivers which flowed through the underworld before facing judgment and being sent to their final resting place. Although the myth of Hades is centuries old, various cultures continue to believe in its premises: the existence of an underworld…...
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Euthymides’ Three Revelers, a Masterpiece of Greek Art
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Pages • 4
Euthymides' Three Revelers is a Greek red-figure vase painting which dates back to about 510 BC. It was found in an Etruscan tomb in Vulci, Italy, where it had probably been imported from Athens. This is proof of the virtuosity of ancient Greek artists, and is quite ironic since the Greeks learned vase painting from the Corinthians. The earliest ancient Greek vase paintings were created using the black-figure technique. This involved using a clay-based slip to draw on the figures…...
ArtGreek Art
Women in ancient Greece and ancient Rome
Words • 959
Pages • 4
My paper will compare and contrast women in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. It will cover three areas to the woman’s life; marriage, inheritance and social life. Marriage in ancient Greece was considered one of the most important aspects of a woman’s life, yet she had no control over it. When a woman was to be married she “given” in marriage by her father or other male authority figure. Women were seen as objects, thus they were “given”. They had…...
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