Greek and Roman Mythology Essay

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Greek and Roman Mythology

In the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans, there were many things that held similarities as well as things that were not as similar, wondrous trading and agriculture skills, great warriors, architecture, and mythology just to name a few. However, their life values were opposing, the Romans were more apt to take what they wanted without regard for life, whereas the Greeks were more in tune with Nature. The Mythology that they shared was similar but different in the aspects as how they saw their deities. Their Gods and Goddesses were not worshipped as that of the Christian God of today.

The Greeks were more focused on life here on earth and the ideas and thought that a man’s worth was judged here in this life and his good deeds and services would follow him onto the afterlife. Whereas, the Romans believed that good deeds done on Earth would follow them to heaven, if they were done properly and enough of the good deeds were done, then they themselves would become Gods. The Romans deities were not gender specific because they did not have characteristics that were associated with their actions, unlike the Greeks God’s and Goddesses.

When you read about the Mythologies of the Greeks and Romans, you will hear the similarities in the stories of their deities. One of the famous Goddess names you may remember is Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, they both share the same aspects of being the Goddess of love. There has been little to no influence of these cultures religions on today’s society, however, one cannot help but wonder, what would the world be like if they had progressed…


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