Greek and latin christianity Essay

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Greek and latin christianity

Christianity is the state of being a Christian it plays a very big part in the everyday lives of people, and their faith in what they believe. For most Christians they believe that God’s spirits was uncreated and the creator of all things who works on the redemption of the world through his son Jesus Christ. With their beliefs in the divinity of Christ and as for the Holy Spirit to be spoken as the doctrine of the holy trinity, that describes one divine substance exist such as the Father, the Son “Jesus Christ” and the holy spirit.

Christians regards the Holy bible a book containing the word of God, it is divided into two parts the Old Testament and New Testament. In the Old Testament it has all the Jewish tanakh. As for the New Testament it has all the gospels from Matthew, Luke, Mark, John, etc. for most Christians they believe that when a human body dies it under goes specific judgment either a reward to eternal heaven or to be condemn eternally to hell. II. Greek Christianity Separated from the western church in the 15th century on doctrinal and liturgical grounds, and was officially called the holy oriental Orthodox Church.

Over 97% of the people born in Greece are being baptized as Christians and the church regards ancient religious practice as pagan. In the early days people from the church haven’t attended flame ceremonies at Olympia due to reference is made to the ancient god of music and light Apollo. After the conversion of the roman emperor Constantine Christianity took hold in Greece in 4th century. Emperor Theodosius wiped out the last vestige of Olympian gods after he abolish the Olympic Games in 394AD.

In the early days polytheistic groups perform secretly ancient temple, but now a days they were granted permission to perform a ceremony at the temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens Greece. These native people are really serious about their belief that the twelve Olympian gods really exist. In 1992 an agreement was made amongst the American theologians stating the differences between eastern and oriental orthodox Christians even though up to this day it hasn’t formally recognized yet together with the so called “church of the east”.

III. Latin Christianity As for many people they intend to see the Catholic Church as an old-fashioned, obstructive, and reactionary. But if you look somewhere else you might find that the Roman Catholicism has never been that conservative. Throughout the times it keeps on disturbing feudal society by means of expanding papal and clerical powers. You might find a hard time understanding what Europe is, unless you try to understand what Christianity is really like if the papal’s power never exist in the very first place.

The most remarkable issue for this topic is about the monophyletic churches and the orthodox churches. Monophysite has a numerous number of members that are Christian minority in Muslim lands Like Egyptian Copts. As well as the Ethiopian Christianity which is also, monophysites. The Orthodox Church is a group of several self-governing churches that are mostly Greeks or Slavonic. These people are well renounced during the 15th century schism.

Deriving from the Roman Catholic in terms of a more compound and gradual union that was developed in 858AD to 1204AD. Monophysite theories were taken as a form of resistance to the dominant Greek culture from eastern Roman Empire. IV. A. The difference between the Greek and Latin Christianity Latin Christianity differs from the Greek Christianity through its definition and beliefs of the nature of Jesus Christ. Most early Christian’s theory disputes around several ideas that are found in the gospels.

In short the orthodox believes that Jesus Christ was one person with two natures, as what do Roman and protestant. There are such differences occur academic interest wise, there are nothing left at stake. This had a big effect on the average Christians because they don’t even know what to believe. B. The split between Greek and Latin Christianity It was year 450 when there are only few Western European people who could read and understand the Greek language. And after a couple of years.

Byzantium still called it self the Roman Empire but there were only few of the Byzantium who were able to speak Latin, knowing that it is the language of the Romans, even Photius a well renounced scholar during the 19th century could not even read Latin,until in 864 Michael III a Roman Emperor at Byzantium called the language were Virgil wrote “a barbarian and scythic tongue”. If Latin’s were able to read Greek or vice versa, so they could do it as well with their translations. It is so remarkable to note how this religious division happened.

While Christianity were on its mission it tended to be associated with the three cultures namely; the Semitic, the Greek, and the Latin. As an out come to this separation the Semitic Christians of Syria were cut off from the rest of Christendom then followed by the second split religious split that initiated a wedge between the Greek and Latin traditions of Christianity V. Martyrdom Taken from the Greek language used to describes the apostles who witnessed Christ life and resurrection, meaning “witness’. As for Judaism it is referred to a Hebrew phrase meaning sanctification of God’s name.

Martyrs are those people who undergo a lot of suffering for the sake of faith, and then only to die for that faith. Martyrdom occurs as the endurance and heroism of an individual who submits to death rather than forswear his religion, especially those who suffered to death for their religious principles.

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