Greco-Roman Essay Topics

Classical Humanism and Architecture

INTRODUCTION Classical humanism in architecture is a direct reflection of a human quest of self-realization through ages. As for the recorded evidences one can go back to the periods of Plato, Zeno, Epicurus or Aristotle – the period reigned by Greco-Roman philosophers – when this quest of ‘know thyself’ flourished and established itself as a… View Article

Greco-Roman influence on Mediterranean Society

Mediterranean society, a name manifesting proximity to Mediterranean Sea, flourished around 6th century BC and was dominated in its early years by Greek and Roman influence. Greek and Roman periods came sequentially and at times are collectively referred as Greco-Roman. This influence not only defined characteristics of Mediterranean society for many centuries that follow but… View Article

Greco-Roman Mythologies

Over the centuries, the Greco-Roman Mythologies have inspired all sorts of literature. The fascinating stories of deities, heroes and mortals have spanned thousands of studies, written books by scholars and adaptations in popular culture across two thousand years. The Gods and Goddesses’ allure is not likely going to slow down within centuries to come. The… View Article