Great Pyramids Essay

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Great Pyramids

An accomplishment that has always fascinated me has been the Great Pyramids, specifically, The Great Pyramid at Giza. This Great Pyramid is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This Great Pyramid contains chambers specifically for the King and Queen and is believed to have taken 20 years to have been built. (Wikipedia) The Egyptians employed many experienced men, up to 100,000. These men were worked hard and work for 10 days to receive one day off. (Smith)

What I believe is most amazing in the creation of this Great Pyramid is Egyptians were able to lay these large limestone blocks and keep them straight and balanced without basic tools. They were able to get a horizontal base that was near perfect and the precision of the angles are magnificent. This is a great example of a type of technology that the Egyptian people mastered. They must have known to line things up with the sun at a certain time of the day. This would be an example of something that their culture has affected other cultures. (Smith) There were a few tools specific to the building of the pyramid. They used wooden wedges to crack the limestone. In addition, they used the Nile River to their advantage to transport the limestone and mortar by boat to the pyramid when possible. (Smith)

The Great Pyramid of Giza was estimated to have been built around 3600BC and still stands today. The Great Pyramid today is open for tourists. (Wikipedia)

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