Great Gatsby Essay Topics

Great Gatsby

“Great Gatsby” by Scott Fitzgerald is one of the best American novels owing to its thematic strength. It reflects “The Jazz Age” of 1920s and the writer artistically examine the theme of aspiration in America during this era. Fitzgerald wrote this novel as a satire on this so called glamorous period. This novel is about… View Article

The Great Gatsby and a good man is hard to find

There are so many ways and means that man evolve himself into: his pursuits of his dreams, his conduct of his life as he sees it fit; his definition and interpretation of the other lives that revolve around his own life. The parallelism and yet paradoxically the extreme difference in the central characters of “The… View Article

The Great Gatsby in Five Parts

One of the finest pieces of American fiction ever written, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby provides the reader with an abundance of carefully interwoven themes: intricate relationships, epic battles between greed and self-respect, social commentary on wealth and power, and in the end, a story of moving forward in life, despite our innate desire… View Article

Old and New Reflected in The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was first published in 1925. The United States was prospering as part of its post World War I recovery and this meant that the American people prospered as well. But as history will tell us the booming 20’s were a fleeting time and America was on a fast… View Article

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby has captured people who wanted and defined the American dream. The American dream according to Americans after the World War I is to earn money and get everything they want without exerting too much effort, being successful without doing actual work. Jay Gatsby has successfully achieved the American dream; he… View Article

Movie vs books

From our mouths, to writing and finally to film, the way we tell stories has evolved over time and I must say thank God for its advancements. Reading a book can be nice but thanks to movies all the work of deciphering the message of the story is done through the director of the motion… View Article