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Great expectations Essay

Although this happens they do seem to need each other as they both have no family. Estella is an orphan like Pip and Miss Havisham’s only family are distant relatives which are only after her money. As Estella grows up she is quite unhappy but she seems to bare no emotions when she was a child she did not realise what Miss Havisham was doing. She does not think she will ever fall in love because she is afraid and doesn’t know how to! Pip has told Estella how he feels about her many times but she doesn’t know how to respond.

Estella later told Pip; ‘you did not open you’re round childish eyes to the discovery of that impostor of a woman who calculates her stores of peace of mind,’ Estella is implying that Miss Havisham tricked her for satisfaction and revenge. Estella is so confused and it seems she is going to marry a man she doesn’t even love either because she’s frightened up like Miss Havisham or even to get revenge on Miss Havisham because she wants to prove she will not live in her shadow,

Estella is a very complexed character. She misleads tricks and treats people unfairly but we can’t help liking her because of how she was treated as a young girl and her longing of a normal family life. A Convict named Magwitch who escaped from prison seems of virtually no importance at the beginning of the novel. He is actually the character that has the most effect on everything that happens. Magwitch is initially presented as an animal and the lowest class.

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Dickens vividly describes him writing words such as ‘shivered, glared and growled. ‘ This makes the man seem more like a creature than a human. Looking at his clothing and accent he was marked out as poor. This is very stereo-typical as the irony of the novel is that he is the one that earns and gives Pip his fortune. Pip is a benefactor of Magwitch’s wealth; this money allows Pip to become a gentleman. Magwitch has always wanted to get revenge on the society he lives in for punishing him and sending him to prison.

He wants to prove this by showing that anyone can be upper-class if they are given the right money and education. Pip is his example to show this. In the mind of Magwitch he is achieving his revenge although Pip never really realizes this. From all of the main characters if the novel shown above and the way they all express the main themes. Dickens paints a picture of what Victorian society was like. I think it was very strict and it was also very hard to fit in. Dickens shows how money and education affected your life.

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