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Great Expectations

“Even though Pip has become snobbish by the end of Book One, Dickens still manages to make the reader like him”. Show how and why Pip has become something of a snob and what makes us retain our sympathy for him – Tom Beach In Great Expectations Dickens depicts Pip as having an increasingly snobbish… View Article

Great Expectations

Discuss the variety of influences to which Pip is exposed during the course of Great Expectations as he approaches adult-hood, and the ways in which the reader’s opinion of Pip’s character might alter as the story develops. Charles dickens is one of the world’s best-loved writers, and “Great Expectations” may be one of his most… View Article

How Does Charles Dickens Create Sympathy In Great Expectations?

Dickens uses many ways to create sympathy for his characters in great expectations this is very useful in a successful novel as it will help to sell and not only that more people will want to buy it. Charles Dickens uses many ways to achieve sympathy for his characters such as the use of vivid… View Article

The novel Great Expectations

The novel “Great Expectations” was intended by Charles Dickens as a social commentary on the society of pre-Victorian era England. Through his use of intricate characterisation, narratorial perspectives, comprehensive descriptions and the ironic outcomes, Dickens ridicules and thus reflects many key values and attitudes of that society. He shows the importance of class and the… View Article

Charles Dickens Great Expectations

The themes that are introduced and emphasised in Chapter 8 of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations are a near complete summary of the themes of the novel as a whole and of the conditions in which the English people had to live with in the 1800’s. This chapter epitomises the circumstances in which English people lived… View Article

Dickens Presentation of Female Characters in Great Expectations

Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations was first serialised in 1861 in the journal ‘All Around the World’ during the Victorian period. During this time women were almost regarded as second class, even though the reigning queen had been on the throne for fourteen years. On the contrary, the Queen herself was quite masculine thinking it quite… View Article

Great Expectations

Describe the character of Magwitch. What do you think Dickens has to say about crime and punishment in the sections of the novel where he appears? The following essay and the content of it are about the story of ‘Great Expectations’, its plot and what Charles Dickens was really trying to say. ‘Great Expectations’ is… View Article

Great Expectations

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is a novel that focuses on the life of Philip Pirrip and his expectations. Throughout the book these expectations change and as they do, the reader comes to realise the key theme of how a character’s upbringing and environment can dehumanise them. This essay will examine this key theme and… View Article

Great Expectation

Compare the filming techniques used in Pip’s first meeting with Miss Havisham with two adaptations of Charles Dickens’s “Great Expectations” The two film clips that this essay will be based on, and comparing, is a version by Julian Jarrold which appeared on TV screens in 1999 and a much older cinema appearance by David Lean from… View Article

Great expectations

Charles Dickens ‘Great expectations’ was written in the 1800, and at that time there was a great divide in the social structure and this was between the lower and middle classes, because of Charles was born in the lower class of society he was forced into leaving school at the age of twelve and to… View Article

Great Expectations

Miss Havisham is a wealthy lady whose success came from the brewery attached to Satis House. The house itself is in decay, since the day Miss Havisham was forsaken on her wedding day, by Compeyson, a man who only used her for her wealth. The fact that she was able to “stop time” in the… View Article

Great Expectations

“Miss Havisham is one of Dickens’ most memorable characters.” Write about Dickens’ presentation of Miss Havisham, referring closely to any two passages in “Great Expectations” In “Great Expectations”, Miss Havisham is one of Dickens’ most memorable characters. Her repulsiveness makes her fascinating, and Dickens’ presentation of her is very effective in making her an interesting individual…. View Article

According to Great Expectations

As a mother figure, we would expect her to be a stereotypical Victorian Woman. Not only would she have to do all the domestic work, but also care and nurture her children, or in this case Pip. However, this is not quite the case with Mrs Joe. In many cases, when a mother brings up… View Article

Great Expectations

Great Expectations is the story of distortion expectations cause to judgment. Pip was by nature more inclined towards the stable and moral nature of Joe. It took a long journey of life with some very interesting interludes to make him realize that the influence of Mrs. Havisham was a passing cloud while the influence of… View Article