Great Citizenship Essay

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Great Citizenship

Do you consider yourself a good citizen? Do you feel you’ve helped enough just to keep a good conscious or is there more you can do to actually be considered a good Samaritan by nature? Everyone defines citizenship differently, but overall the intentions of good citizenship are all the same. In the article, Great Citizenship, by Eric Liu, and Nick Hanauer, citizenship is carefully examined and defined as much more than a legal citizen in a particular country. Liu and Hanauer inform the readers on what citizenship really means, what people are missing out on and what more they can do to better themselves as citizens and help society. Doing things out of the kindness of my heart to help another, as well as obeying laws, are things I consider good citizenship.

To be a good citizen is to have good intentions. “By “Citizenship” we do not mean legal documentation status. We mean living in a pro-social way at every scale of life. We mean showing up for each other” Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer. Great Citizenship. Being a citizen is much more than person who legally belongs to a specific country with legal rights. It involves random acts of kindness not only when it’s convenient but also when it’s inconvenient. Partake in good acts even when others aren’t around such as recycling, throwing misplaced trash in nearby trash cans, helping elders with their groceries, so on and so forth.

Every individual leads different lives therefore they have their own burdens and problems to deal with. People are so overwhelmed and focused on themselves that they don’t pay much attention to others and their struggles. As an overwhelmed individual I have the tendency to overlook someone else’s issues whether that someone asks for help or not. I can identify to this part of the reading in a negative way but I can also identify to the reading in a numerous of positive ways. For example, boosting the confidence of others and giving them a sense of good self-esteem. When I see someone is feeling down I try to make that individuals day in any way I can whether I personally know him/her or not. I “Make Courtesy Count”. Being courteous to another brings out a feeling of importance and respect whether if it’s a compliment or a simple thing like manners. Out of the five rules I strongly support small acts of leadership compound.

Participating in events that help others in school or in your community are huge acts of good citizenship. By helping others or maintaining a stable community you open the doors for others to participate by being a role model. My behavior is influenced by the actions of others by the bandwagon effect. A bandwagon is a popular activity or effort that affects growing support. I’m a good citizen by nature but I’ve also learned to be a good citizen by observing others and their acts of kindness. I see how helping others can make someone’s day and make their life easier and less stressful. My behavior can be modified in a positive and beneficial way by participating more in school and in my community.

I can join clubs, or help out around the city by leaving areas nicer than I left it. I can greet more people as I go along my day instead of just greeting them at work as I’m supposed to. Liu, and Hanauer’s beneficial article makes great points that the average person easy overlooks. Being a great citizen is much more than it is thought out to be. Great citizenship hasn’t died out completely, but is overlooked by many everywhere. Paying more attention to our everyday actions can greatly benefit society and will be used more in the future. Generations to come will know more of what it means to be a great citizen.

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