Greasers vs Gangs of the 21st Century, Comparing and Contrasting

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The world of gangs has changed a lot since the 1950s and mostly it has changed for the worst. Gangs no longer sport the classic “greaser” look. Nor do they simply get into a few rumbles over turf. No, Street gangs today have developed much farther past a group of twenty people hanging out on the corner. There is much more to being a gangbanger in the 21st century than that. Most modern day gangs are situated in some of the larger cities such as L.

A. , New York, and Even in Vancouver. Gangs Nowadays don’t separate themselves by the Things they wear but more by the colors they wear.

For example Greasers dress in leather and jean and appear slightly less wealthy. Whereas socs dress in all brand new clothing and drive fancy cars. Much is similar today. An African-American street gang known as the Bloods dress in mostly red. But they too have nice cars and nice clothing.

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The Bloods rival gang is known as the Crips. They dress in all blue. Crips have been around much longer than the bloods and their hangout is located in a poor part of L. A. So they are represent the modern day greaser. These two gangs do not only fight over turf but they fight over drug empires being shipped in from other shores.

A good example for this is the city of Long Beach. During the 1950’s Long Beach was a dumping ground for wealthy families. But then small gang related crimes started popping up all over long beach.

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Fast forward 30 years and now the streets of long beach are infested with drugs, dope peddlers and addicts. Gangs have taken over 75% of the city. And the youth behavior has increased over 50% with crime. The law enforcement trys to stop the drugs from being shipped into America but they cant. There is a lot of money at stake in the drug business. And so gangs feel the need to protect their profits.

They do so with automatic weapons. Not just your average handgun. Some gangs have military issued fully automatic weapons. Contrasting this to the greasers and socs you see a huge difference. Witch is more dangerous a switchblade? Or an AK-47? I think the reason that gangs have become so popular and known around the world is due to the fuel supplied by the media. Over 1000 mainstream Rap and Hip Hop artist rap about gang life and crimes witch all flows directly into the ears of the vulnerable youth. ? Some obvious differences between today’s gangs and greasers: Most importantly, “regular gangs” usually contain a hierarchy– an bvious leader, and those follow that leader and specific rules within the hierarchy Those types of gangs usually focus on violence or drugs for the main reason of being a gang, more power in numbers. If they were to get into a fight, their gang members would back them up; but more often than not, those people aren’t really friends with each other. They are just in the gang for the purpose of safety in numbers, or for the sake of violence or drugs. Also, in a regular gang, everyone is replaceable, if a member dies, someone takes their place to do their job. “Greaser gangs” are more like families.

They are groups of friends and siblings who hang out together. They also have a ‘safety in numbers’ complex, though they depend on each other more than that. Most of the “Greaser gangs”, as described in S. E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders”, are usually poorer and come from broken homes, so they depend on each other for food, shelter and comfort, as well as protection from Socs and rival gangs. Some of the “Greaser gangs” focus more on violence, like Tim Sheppard’s gang, but the gang most often referred to in “The Outsiders”, or “The Curtis Gang”, is mostly focused on self-preservation.

They all honestly care about each other, as was described in the book, and that is the biggest difference between “Greaser gangs” and “regular gangs”. They care about what happens to them, and no one is replaceable, like in a regular gang. So to summarize, Gangs have become much more deadly. They are involved in drugs and other dangerous business. Although the gangs have stayed somewhat the same they have changed greatly from the 50. Gangs these days are more professions then your close friends or siblings. Gangs aren’t about hanging out and having fun. It’s a very tight war that must be taken seriously or can resolve in death.

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