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Graphic sexual and inflammatory political content

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The graphical images in a computer are made through a process of analysis of dots collected or picture elements. This is important since it helps in understanding of disciplines such as education, engineering, medicine, science and business related areas since natural objects are represented as if they are real.

In computer graphics, images range in terms of technicality form simple images that usually two dimensional to complex images which are three dimensional. Animation enhances the user interaction because numerous images that are related are brought into visualization thus conveying more information.

Flight stimulators, education, entertainment and scientific industries are among the areas where animation is applied. In the current world, images that are generated by computers are applicable on television, in surgical procedures, and in newspaper production. Computer graphics are also applicable in production of documentary videos, amongst many other areas (Ablameyko, 1997).

The internet use as one of the major areas of graphic utilization has evoked a variety of ways through which people can communicate all over the world, across continents.

Research surveys indicate that by the year 2001, over 407million people were online. The many benefits that are coupled to the worldwide include: chats, e-mailing, internet calls and messaging amongst other internet features. Recent studies on internet use show that majority of students have improved don their studies through the use of the internet.

But the negative impacts of the internet that have been outlined outweigh the advantages of the internet use.  To many people, the internet has contributed to violence, speeches that are full of hatred, a high level of pornography use and piracy in various spheres.

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In schools, increased internet use has been associated with worst records in academic performance, staying out of classes, taking less hours in bed hence someone becomes tired most of the day hours; and loneliness. This study is based on the effects of graphical sexual and political content in universities and the public (Iinuma & Chiyokura, 2008).

Graphical sexual content

This involves figures and images that depict the human anatomy, where a good example is the use of pornographically-made videos that are readily accessible over the internet; thus the discussion narrows down to the effects of pornography to the public and students in schools. Pornography is a Greek derivative which means “depictions of activities of whores”, through graphics; a statement that implies that pornography is intended for arousing the viewers sexually (Paul, 2006).

Effects on adults

There is a tendency of getting get hooked to pornography by the consumers. It looks like the stuff provides means of stimulating one sexually and usually in men it leads to masturbation. People continuously frequent cyber shops they can have more of the above mentioned in order to ‘quench their thirst’.

Then it becomes hard for someone to forego such materials even though discouraging incidences such as rape, divorce and assault, arise as effects of pornography. It has been shown that men are most vulnerable to such material. In view of the fact that the stuff arouses sexual feelings, an addict through watching such gets empowered to go out and do the same; and when the sex drive hits him, usually he has no control over rape and it doesn’t matter even if he is having sex with a prostitute (Paul, 2006).

Additionally, they tend to spend more money in order to access pornography. Therefore the addiction becomes the driving force in their lives. Eventually it reaches a point in life when the addicts prefer to watch the pornography rather than submit to their sexual partners- to the married couples, because of the drive of getting stimulated. Consequently such behaviors lead to divorce in most cases.

Internet pornography has gone against the values that were taught before in books; that sex is private, a taboo, obscenity in certain matters relate to sex. Instead, sexual activity is nowadays perceived as common and is done by everybody; thereby driving everyone to do it even though before it was prohibited. Pornographic images usually are constituted of people displayed having sex with young children, rape, causing pain to their partners during sex and voyeurism. This automatically becomes the behavior of the consumers when they get addicted. Even if the law threatens against sexual offenses, such people go by their sexual desires.

Pornography as a training manual

The sex offenders use pornographic materials in obtaining their own deviation and to ease their way in getting hold of their targets particularly when they are children. Pedophiles, specifically, make true pornography by using children as the characters and such material serves the purpose of exchange, sale or they could be for their own use. During the process of making such films children are greatly abused and those children who get a chance of viewing such they experiment what they had seen (Slade, 2001).

The overall effect of pornography on growing children is that it creates shame and guilt as they age and get to understand the reality about sexual abuse. Effects of pornography in marriages range from causing broken relationships, deception and ignorance; to causing addiction in college students to an extent that students fail to do their assignments and class work, hence poor performance.

This a national problem that can be solved through enactment of federal obscenity laws, based on the fact that United States is the major producer of pornography at present. But the since the enforcement of these laws is not taking place, the porn that does not have children involved is unpoliced and is circulating at an alarming rate.

Through filters young families can be discouraged from viewing porn, however, they do not guarantee a 100% protection. Then parents are advised to keep an eye on their young as they view internet and video contents. But again, this is a challenge, especially in monitoring older children.

Laws are therefore needed to govern what content should be accessible to the public and college students. Libraries should put filters in their computers to deny to sites that are harmful to the nationals and learners. While some people argue that pornography does not an effect to the consumers, the researchers reason that the same way the Bible and the Koran have an outcome to the readers and so is pornography.

Sex education

Some people use sex education as a reason to justify the use of pornographic in training others about sexuality. However, the mode of training that the sex clinics use is balanced in terms of the prescription that they give to their patients. The films, books, videos and sexual pictures are carefully chosen in order to change a couple’s sexual behavior. Contrary to what the media provides in the computers; no age is described and people usually get the information for themselves even when they don’t need it (Irvine, 2004).

Pornography creates a contradiction in what students learn in school by changing behavior and character by way of creating rapists and exposing females to assault. This is a form of sex education which is contrary to the education curriculum. The kind of human sexuality displayed in pornography lacks love, responsibility and relationship; and it fails to give precautions against irresponsible sexual behaviors. Additionally, the sexual practices portrayed in porn are unhealthy, such as group sex, abuse, bestiality amongst others.

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