Grant Proposal Essay

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Grant Proposal

Program planning is a process that shows the needs of a community and the reason and purpose for the programs an organization wants to set up to address that need. Through program planning; goals, objectives, activities, and evaluations are set up to provide the framework for the grant proposal to be written. A well written grant proposal will show the reader that the organization writing the proposal truly understands the problems within a specific community and it will convince the reader that they want to provide the financial help that will be necessary for the organization to solve the problem.

Once a problem within a community has been discovered, an organization figures out how to confront that problem and writes a grant proposal to explain that problem and how it plans to help solve that problem, by proving that they understand the situation. The grant proposal starts with the premise, which explains the understanding the organization has about the problem and shows the belief they have that they will be able to provide the help necessary to solve the problem.

The conclusion portion of the grant proposal explains the ways that the organization plans to address the problem through the programs and services they will provide to the community. Finally, the grant proposal will provide a detailed explanation of what they plan the outcomes of their programs to be. The organization has to prove that their programs will truly be an asset to the community using their grant proposal by making sure that each part of the proposal will compliment the other through a descriptive and flowing argument and by making sure that each part of the grant proposal compliments the other.

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