Grand Proposal Presentation Essay

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Grand Proposal Presentation

Beginning in 2003, our local police department initiated our K-9 program in order to effectively deal with the drug problems of our community as well as in some areas under our jurisdiction. For the past five years, our K-9 program helps enhance the law enforcement capabilities and has been instrumental in the detection of narcotics as well as in the apprehension of people behind these illegal drug operations.

K-9 dogs help locate illegal drugs, and prevent the introduction of such drugs in our community. Our K-9 program is an item with budget from the department but only on a limited basis. The program essentially operates mostly on donations from businesses, individuals, and the general public. The cash donations not only enable the department to sustain the program but also to purchase safety equipments necessary for the protection of our K-9 units. Project Narrative

Trained K-9 dogs are very important in our community particularly in “tracking, apprehending criminals, performing area searches, detecting narcotics, and explosives, and assisting in SWAT teamwork” (Wright, O. 2006, p. 163). However, a trained K-9 dog cost up to $8,000. 00. The department needs to purchase six more trained dogs in order to effectively neutralize the growing operations of drug dealers and to rid our community of illegal drugs victimizing our young people. Feeding and maintaining these canines requires the department to allocate at least 900 dollars for each dogs.

Statement of Need The department needs six more K-9 dogs which would cost about $26, 000. Annual maintenance and food of these dogs cost $900 for each or a total of $54,000. While officer’s training costs based on “World K-9 Inc, Training Police K-9 Units and Their Applications” could be up to $25,000 each or a total of $50, 000 which would include trainings such as Drug detection, Drug tracker, Patrol drug tracker. The department also needs safety equipments to be used for these dogs.

The $100,000 grant will be used to purchase six K-9 dogs as stated above, as well as to address the needs that will arise out of this purchase. Since our K-9 dogs are very effective in addressing the sky problem of crack drugs such as Cocaine, The money will be spent on acquiring and training K-9 dogs as drug problems breeds other crimes such as robberies, rapes, and some other types of crimes. The department deemed it necessary to acquire such “tools” to effectively track and apprehend big time drugs and dealers.

In particular, the department will implement its plan to purchase K-9 dogs in March 2009. This will be timely for the department as drug syndicates are in full swing in their operations and one only need to look the daily news paper to find out that the drug problem of our society is acute, particularly the use of crack Cocaine. Because of the difficulty of searching for these illegal items, this police “asset” proves to be valuable in the search and identification of baggage and places containing drugs.

Therefore, the department will ensure that these police “tools” will be properly maintained and sustained in order to further enhance the capability of the police department in running after the individuals and groups engaged in illegal drug business and other lawless elements posing threat to the community. Reference World K-9 Inc. : Training Police K-9 Unites and Their Applications. http://www. cass. net/~w-dogs/poltr. htm Wright, S. O. (2006) What’s Your Dog’s IQ Canada: Adams Media

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