Grammatical Essay Topics

Grammatical Inference

Artificial intelligence (AI) and grammar induction (GI) are of the same genre. While AI technology today is significant, what it can do at this time is not so important as its potential. Because of this potential for future development its future seems almost unlimited. Of all the new technologies coming on almost a daily basis,… View Article

Grammatical aspect

When my students go through Jose Rizal’s expenses in Europe, they note that his biggest and most regular expenses were for the purchase of books and postage stamps. This is not surprising because we all know that he liked to read and study, and to write home a lot because he was homesick in Madrid…. View Article

The novel “The Reader”

The novel “The Reader” is narrated in first person by one of the main characters, Michael Berg. It is told in the style of an autobiography therefore includes his memories of certain events intermingled with current events. Consequently, these events are told from only one point of view and are reliant on one person’s memory,… View Article