Grammar Translation Method Essay

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Grammar Translation Method

Mostly known as ‘The Classical Method’, Grammar Translation Method is not based on the fact that of communication, but teaching. C. Orrieux refers that GTM is for Latin and Ancient Greek are known as “dead languages”. He adds that “it is for the kinds of grammar training that led to the “mental dexterity” considered so important in any higher education study stream. ” The aim of teaching these languages is not make the learners speak communicatively.

However, its fundamental goals are to make them gain logical thinking and an ability to read written texts in the languages. Having a passive way for the learners GTM teaches the target language by the mother tongue. Translate each language into the other is important for the learners. Students read and translate the literature texts from the target language into the native language. The primary skills are to be improved are reading and writing.

Hence, speaking and listening has the least concerns in the courses. Vocabulary is learnt by heart and grammar is taught deductively. In this method, teacher is active and students are passive. This brings about the learners are being passive in society, too. Translation of a literary passage, antonyms/synonyms, fill-in-the-blanks using words in sentences and writing compositions are some of the typical techniques are used in GTM. The Grammar Translation Method may make the learning of language boring.

It neither approaches nor encourages students’ in any area. Actually, it was developed for the study of “dead” languages and to facilitate access to those languages’ classical literature. On the second hand, English is certainly not a dead or dying language, so any teacher should take care of it and how to teach about it. REFERENCES 1) Howatt. The Empirical Evidence for the Influence of L1 in Interlanguage (1984: 98) 2) Orrieux, C. (1989: 79) History of Ancient Civilizations DIRECT METHOD.

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