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Grammar Exam

By valuing profits over the lives of consumers, HotCo. has abdicated its responsibilities to its employees, its shareholders and its founder, Robert Bruce III. 2. While Hugo drives a beat-up, rusted-out junker, his children tool around town in brand new sports sedans. 3. By contrast, the male lion is larger and far less active. 4. Inside the car, he found photographs of the vault, a pair of ski masks and a map to the abandoned mine. 5. During his stint as a rodeo clown, Cletus, learned to fear nature’s most unpredictable animal, the drunken cowboy. Section 2: Transition Techniques:

Fundamentalism is often described as a Muslim phenomenon, but during the twentieth century this militant type of piety erupted in every major faith worldwide, so that we have not only Christian fundamentalism but also Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist and even Confucian forms. The first such movement developed in Christian circles in the United States at the turn of the twentieth century, whereas fundamentalism did not appear in the Muslim world until the late 1960’s. This is not surprising, since fundamentalism is essentially a revolt against modern secular civilization.

In almost every region where a Western-style society has established itself, a religious counterculture has grown alongside it in conscious reaction. This is why religious fanaticism first appeared in North America, the showcase of modernity, and could develop in the Middle East only after a degree of modernization had been achieved. So, it would be wrong to condemn people of specific religion or region to be fundamentalist because fundamentalism in actual is a mindset issue. Repetition of key words or phrases Synonyms Transitional words or phrases Section 3; Conciseness: 1.

The bus company will soon announce the new schedule. 2. Disobedience of public safety rules causes trouble. 3. Subjects applicable in professional life are considered significant by the students. 4. Time spend on irrelevant things deducts from valued things in life. 5. Government leaders fondly state that creation of new jobs indicates strong economy without disclosing the replacement of good jobs by the poor ones. Section 4: Agreement Studies indicate that the health of one’s dog or cat is a good indicator of the health of its owner. People whose dog is overweight are likely to be overweight themselves.

By contrast, an active owner is likely to own happier, healthier animal. As is often the case in public health studies, researches attribute this phenomenon to diet and exercise. Pets need exercise and to eat good foods just as much as their owners. Health-conscious humans are more likely to exercise with their animals and watch what Fido or Fluffy eats, while as sedentary, overweight owners generally passes their bad habits onto their pets. It’s unfortunate that America’s health problems will extend even to the doghouse and the litter box. Section 5: APA 1. Hypoglycemic episodes among patients with diabetes were due to dietary errors (18.

7 percent), and unusual physical exertion (23 percent) (Ratzmann & Schimke, 1995). 2. One-year economic evaluation of intensive vs. conventional patient education and supervision for self-management of new asthmatic patients (Kauppinen, Ronald. , Sintonen, Hubert. , & Tukiainen, Harry, 1998). 3. Lighter, D. E. , & Fair, D. C. (2003). Quality management in health care, second edition. Sudbury, Maine. University Press. 4. Smith, J. (2001). Constructivism in Elementary Math Education. Retrieved August 29, 2001, from http://www. usm. edu/education/publications/math. html

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