Graduation Speech Essay

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Graduation Speech

” I’m still a nobody. But once I graduated here, I would be a somebody,” one quote from a person I never had a chance to meet and shake hands with . Well, nice line – great thought which needs a deep understanding.

A pleasant day to all of us – fellow graduates, parents teachers and guest speakers. Before anything else, I just like everyone to lend your ears to me in a few minutes. Please make a smile for this big day that a big ‘God’ has given to us. It is such a very rare day for ordinary students like us who have been part of each person’s lives. Happy Graduation Day! This school will miss me, perhaps. But I would not miss it right away because I am willing to visit it in my spare time. Because, this school had already occupied a special specific space in my heart. As a matter of fact, when I first stepped in General Emilio Aguinaldo National High School campus, I don’t like the smell, ever! But for four long years of staying here, it becomes a trademark of what is the real score of the name GEANHS to me and to everyone who appreciate the significance of this place.

It is a rendezvous of the students who always want to learn and teachers whose passion is to teach – in a perfect time and in a perfect place likewise. It showed me what is the true essence of being a child of this mother school. Honestly, I don’t learn everything I want to know but I have experienced almost everything even though I don’t even like it. And that’s what we called “experience” which is really our teacher in the “life” which is originally the real school – it is a line from an unpublished book of a unknown author who inspires me so much. It only happens in this place with you, with me, with our classmates, friends and teachers. Thank you for that, for I enjoyed it so much.

You know guys? While I’m writing this speech, I asked myself if this is right or if it is wrong. But I don’t care for it either because I am not after what will you comment about me or about this speech. I am more after of what I really want to say to you. I grew up in a poor and broken family, with a single mother and four other separated siblings. But despite that poverty, God always give me strength, wisdom and knowledge so that I can read and write in a normal way in a happy life with all the students who were here under the roof of this covered court. I may not be one of the best students but I tried to be one of them, and that’s my greatest achievement.

Now that I am standing here in front of the crowd, it doesn’t mean that I am the most outstanding student. Hey, I just only representing all of you. Remember? It is not my day, it is our special day that supposed to be a day of happiness not a day of teary eyes. This day must not be the end of everything – end of high school life, end of knowledge, end of tears, end of happiness and end of the greatest thing I had known since I wrote my full name, “Friendship”. It is a new beginning of another chapter in the road we will take in the near future or maybe tomorrow morning if we wake up. Memories in this school will be surely cherished in the heart of each students who have been the part of everyone’s meaningful high school life. Life must always go on..

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