Graduation Project Essay Topics

Projects and implementation

The government has prioritized the Bangkok traffic issues, and several commissions have been institutionalized to deal with these issues, most of which had been unsuccessful (“ASEM Bangkok”, 1996). More than 30 government agencies are responsible for transport and urban development of Bangkok, but the implementation of transport and land-use plans are carried out by 11… View Article

Chicago project

In the report compiled by a Chicago project on suicide attacks, it was noted that, out of three hundred suicide attacks two hundred and twenty five involved some Islamic groups. The report indicated that there was close relationship between the attacks and Islamism martyrdom. In this year alone it is estimated that close to two… View Article

Graduation Project

The economic performance of Middle East is always looking at the positive side of Saudi Arabia in its oil exports to the world market. Likewise, the emerging industrial-commercial community of Dubai highlights the investment portfolio of foreign investors. On the contrary, economies are being restructured in other parts of neighbouring Islamic countries, like Egypt, Jordan,… View Article