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Graduation Party To Me

Categories Career, Future, Future Plans In Life

Essay, Pages 2 (293 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (293 words)

What Graduation Means To Me

Graduation to me means I accomplished my goal and I am one step closer to be a counselor or therapist. Graduation means to me I was able to stay focused and afloat to meet the requirements needed to be a counselor or therapist in the future. Means my future is ahead of me and I can do anything I set my mind to with the support of friends and my husband and best friend Nancy also, that all my hard work will finally pay off.

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The theme will be purple and pink with lots of balloons, gift bags that the guests can take home, purple and pink streamers, and everyone has to dress up in the 1980’s era. There will be the 1980’s decorations.

The Locations

Manheim Community Park: This is a good location has a pavilion if it rains, a fire pit and barbeque pit, and pool for those who want to swim, also, bathrooms.

Best Friends Back Yard: There is a big yard, has fire pit, deck for grilling, bathroom. Cost efficiency just must pay for decorations, and food and drinks.

The gathering Place: Banquet hall, inside in case it rains, catered food, wheelchair accessible, also has a yard if want to have outdoors.


There will be a live band of three different singers and play games like Trivia Pursuit, twister, Simon, Volley Ball, Dodge Ball. This gives a variety, so everyone has something they like to do.

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The three bands are:

For King & Country a Christian Band and my favorite.

Peter Gabriel: To fit in with the 80’s theme, I also like him from the 1980’s.

Rick Astley: To fit in with the 80’s theme, I also like him from the 1980’s.

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