Graduation of Jake Moon Essay

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Graduation of Jake Moon

In my book Graduation of Jake Moon, Jake is the main character in the book. Jake Moon is an only child Jake Moon was named by his grandfather because his mother was stressed out for the first 2 weeks of him being born. When they moved in with his grandfather he named him Jake not Jacob just Jake. Jake Moon changes by being annoyed, frustrated, and embarrassed to being understanding by his grandfather.

Jake changes from being annoyed and frustrated and embarrassed towards his grandfather because his grandfather Skelly got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Jake gets annoyed with him being forgetful and not knowing who he is. Jake witnesses him being in the dumpster Jake was embarrassed and felt different when he seen his grandfather in the dumpster and 2 eighth grade boys picking on him and asked him if he went to PU University.

Jake Moon changes at the end by being frustrated, annoyed, and embarrassed to being understanding towards his grandpa. He helps his grandpa get up in the morning and get dressed. Jake found his wet sheets in the oven when his friend Lucas was over. Skelly put his pajamas in the freezer. Skelly wrote stuff on post it notes and put them all over the house to remember things. What happens at the end is that at Jakes Graduation is Skelly goes up on the stage and then Jake goes off stage and takes his grandfather down to family then goes back up on the stage. That shows how Jake Cares about his grandpa

Jake Moon understood at the end of the book compared to the beginning. Jake was better towards his grandfather because of the graduation stuff with his grandfather. Jake cares about his grandpa that he did that but if that happened at the beginning of the book he would of probably sat In his chair like who is that guy.

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