Graduate Teacher Programme Essay

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Graduate Teacher Programme

My passion in teaching children and young adults with diversified culture is attuned with my oral and written skills in the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Latin, and English. Early in life, I discovered that I have an innate ability to learn foreign languages and a keen interest in being with people with diverse nationalities. Though I am often regarded as a polyglot, there is nothing more fulfilling in my life than to be an effective educator.

My interest in the field of education was confirmed when I started tutoring a young Vietnamese girl and working as an education coordinator of OBI, a DIY company in Germany. Although I will earn my first year of teaching experience in July 2009, the love of being with children and explaining their lessons in simple and well-organized manner has made my teachings useful, fun and easy to understand.

In addition, I always inject a sense of humour to encourage active participation and to make the learning atmosphere relaxing and conducive to the individual differences of the young learners. I am fully aware that teaching is a challenging job but the intrinsic reward of awakening students’ interest and transforming them into a person capable of productively applying the knowledge that they have gained outweighs the challenges of this profession.

In spite of being armed with the language proficiency skills that gave me the ability to speak English and four European languages, my desire to teach my native German language to young adults in the United Kingdom will only be possible upon the completion of the Graduate Teacher Programme of CILT. I am determined to earn a teaching credential in UK so I can teach and provide students with insights into my country’s history, culture and people. I believe that with my language skills, dedication to my profession, and the experiences that I have gained from my travel exposures, I am eligible for admission in this Graduate programme.

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