Graduate Certificate in financial planning services


I, Babandeep Kaur take the pleasure of introducing myself with a view to put forward my case for the study permit application for Post Graduate Certificate in financial planning services. I belong from a family where my father is a retired government official who served CPWD for more than 39 years and my mother is a homemaker. My two elder sisters are married and a younger sister is studying.


I was always inclined towards management programs and financial aspects since school.

So choosing commerce stream after 10th was an obvious career choice for me. After completing schooling, I took admission in University Of Delhi for Bachelor of Commerce (Prog.) in the year 2010 and completed with first division in 2013. During my graduation(2010-2013), I got certified training in tally accounting and completed my internship from “Manish Rathi & Co” from June-July 2013.

After graduation, I took Finance as an option for my post graduation and completed my MBA from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, which seemed a very lucrative field that drew my attention and developed an incandescent urge to drill down to the inclement world of finance.

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Furthermore, it made me confident in progressing towards my career goals. Alongside my studies, I have also accomplished advanced excel training. Also, I was the subject topper in Industrial Relations and business Laws and completed my MBA(2013-2015) with 84%. I did summer internship for two months in “Ramakrishna Electro & Components Pvt Ltd” where I learnt about company statements and its reconciliation.

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The journey of my professional life began as a ‘Process Associate’ with RBS (The Royal Bank of Scotland) through campus placement in the month of July 2015. It is a backend operations process supporting UK work. I got many ovations and appreciations for my excellence in terms of productivity, behaviour and enthusiasm towards my work. In November 2018, I got promoted to Senior analyst which motivated me to work more responsibly. I experienced the inadequacies of my knowledge is going beyond the brief. It was during this course when I realised in order to gain success and to prove to be an asset for the finance industry, I need to gain more knowledge and expertise. Thus in order to pursue this ambition, I opted for higher education in Finance in Canada.


I scored an overall band of 7 which comprises of band scores: 8.5 in Listening, 7 in Reading, 6.5 in Speaking and 6.5 in Writing.


Over the course of time, I have been able to gain an understanding of changing financial and market environment and I am keen on further building on my skill set in order to succeed as an advisor in the financial planning industry. Though I have got Master degree in Business administration along with undergraduate commerce degree but both these were generic in nature. I have studied subjects which provided me insight of all the basic aspects of business management, but I did not hold a specialized qualification in finance to grow further in the financial industry. Therefore, I decided to opt for graduate certificate(post graduate) in financial planning services to have an international outlook and advanced course structure so as to obtain a challenging position in a high quality financial environment to upgrade my professional aspects.

After intense research, Conestoga College was one of the finest choices I had, as an option, while I was applying for my further studies in Canada because of its academic curriculum and excellent faculties. Moreover, I just want to upgrade my skill set in short span of time so that I can climb up my career on my immediate return in India. People like me, who have a professional degree and some experience, would just like to specialize in a particular area and this is fulfilled by the Post-Graduation courses. Aforementioned, the curriculum of the financial planning services course that I have chosen is covering every aspect which will prepare to get best career opportunities in banking, insurance and financial planning in India. It will thus develop my career potential for future success.


Canada provides world class education which is recognized globally and offers international students one of the most exciting, rewarding and comprehensive array of study options in the world. I considered other country options too, like Australia and UK, for my further studies however chose Canada due to several factors. Cost of Education was far lesser than that in the UK and Australia. Also, Canada is a culturally diverse country with many different communities living in perfect harmony. Studying along with students with different ethnic backgrounds will give me the much-needed exposure and a chance to understand different perspectives. Studying here will enable me to acquire the desired skills and knowledge that will give my career the boost to be successful and a better individual. The best thing that I like about Canada is that they welcome international students wholeheartedly.


After successful completion of my Graduate Certificate program in Canada, I intend to come back to my home country, India, with an outstanding skill set and join the banking industry with all my knowledge and experience.

In the past years, the world has shown tremendous growth in banking sector, and there is and will be a massive demand for professionals in the upcoming future. Henceforth, I wish to take up a job as a financial advisor in an Indian investment banking firms where I can research market opportunities and implement a business plan in support of managing risks.

Therefore, I am confident that I will come back to India as one of the highly-skilled professional in combination with my existing skills get a job as financial planners in leading financial institutions in India such as Deloitte, KPMG, E&Y etc.

Hence, I request you to kindly consider my application for a student visa favourably and grant me the same.

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Graduate Certificate in financial planning services

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