Graded Assignment

1. Three hypotheses—ecocide, rat outbreak, and climate change—are candidates as explanations of why the society of Easter Island collapsed. Explain each hypothesis, present at least one piece of evidence for each one, and state a lesson that each hypothesis contains for the world today. For each hypothesis, write one paragraph of at least four lines Answer:

Ecocide Hypothesis: Humans used the resources irresponsibly and caused deforestation. Humans used the logs from the trees to transport the big statues. People also used the trees to build shelter.

The resources were used irresponsibly when they should have been used graciously.

Rat Outbreak: Rats were introduced to the environment and fed on the trees. The trees had bite marks on the bottom of the tree. Rats were brought over by ships. It wasn’t an intentional introduction.

Climate Change: As the climate changed the Lakes were separated from the main body of water.

(8 points)
2. In a paragraph, describe the seven steps of the scientific method.

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You must make an observation and ask a question or identify and define a problem about that observation. Then you make your hypothesis which is an if-then statement and then test the hypothesis by performing experiments or making observations. Then you have to organize and analyze your data. Finally you draw your conclusions and communicate your results.

(7 points)
3. Error in data analysis often occurs because the researcher has chosen an inappropriate sample for study—a sample that does not correctly reflect the characteristics of the population or phenomenon as a whole.

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Name at least three different causes of sampling error and state why each of them can produce invalid data.


Size: your sample must include enough size or amount of people or organisms. If you don’t have enough samples then your data will be concluded with an insufficient amount of data.
Bias: If someone has a strong bias towards something then they may only use the data that supports their views.
Location of Sample: If someone takes a sample in a location and then doesn’t go to another location to take a sample then the data may be insufficient.

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