Grade 10 Unit 6 – Choosing the Right Word

Was Oscar Wilde being (*IRONIC, DEFT*) when he said that he could resist everything except temptation?

There’s a world of difference between a helpful research assistant and an (*EXPLICIT, OFFICIOUS*) one!

She has the kind of (*SUPPLE, VENAL*) personalty that can easily adapt itself to a wide variety of needs and conditions.

During the darkest hours of defeat, their only (*SOLACE, PINNACLE*) was the knowledge that they had fought hard to the very end.

If the law is intended to limit nonessential use of gasoline and heating oil, it should state this (*EXPLICITLY, IRONICALLY*).

He is in for a rude awakening if he thinks that as the son of a rich family, he will simply (*ACCEDE, SUPPRESS*) to a position of wealth and power.

No matter how ticklish the situation, the hero of the cartoon always devised some (*DEFT, RAMPANT*) maneuver to avoid capture.

The actress felt that she had reached the (*PINNACLE, SOLACE*) of fame when the principal of her former school asked for her autograph.

They tried to explain away their racial slur as a slop of the tongue, but in my opinion it was deliberate and (*PREMEDITATED, OMINOUS*).

Coming at a time when I was flat broke, your suggestion that we have a bit to eat and go to the movies was highly (*OFFICIOUS, INOPPORTUNE*).

Even in the concentration camps, some basic feelings of decency and humanity were not completely (*BRANDISHED, EXTIRPATED*).

We were prepared for a sharp scolding but not for the (*OMINOUS, INOPPORTUNE*) silence with which the principal greeted us.

His speech at first seemed highly dramatic and impressive, but we soon realized that he was quite (*DESTITUTE, MUSTY*) of new ideas.

The way he (*BRANDISHES, COMPRISES*) his facts and figures reminds me of a butcher swinging a meat cleaver.

Someone who insists that everyone has a price believes that human beings are (*PREMEDITATED, VENAL*) BY NATURE.

No doubt there are some dishonest officials, but it is a gross exaggeration to say that graft and corruption are (*RAMPANT, EXPLICIT*) in our government.

Eliza Doolittle was a poor flower seller but she learned to conduct herself with the (*SUPPLE, STATELY*) bearing of a princess.

The only sure way to (*SUPPRESS, BRANDISH*) social unrest is to make possible a decent, secure life for all people.

Let’s prepare a joint statement what will (*ACCEDE, COMPRISE*) the various objections of all civic groups to the freeway plan.

I have no patience with (*MUSTY, STATELY*) old ideas about family roles based on gender.

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