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GPS System Essay

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The United State for Department of defense is the one that come up with Global Positioning System (GPS). It is a satellite navigation system which is build up by 24 satellites which are networked. It was initially intended for military application for the department of United States and around 1980s the system was allowed to be used by people who are even not in the military arena. A GPS receiver usually calculates its position by knowing the time when the signals are being sent by the GPS satellite to the atmosphere.

The first satellite navigation system which was used by the united state navy was taken in to test by the year 1960. They did it by the use of constellation of five satellites. At this time the system was unable to place accurate clock and they come up with a new satellite called Timation satellite. This satellite was able to accurately calculate the clock and provide a good time when the signal was sent.

The GPS system is powered by the use of solar and they still have batteries to be used in case of eclipse. How it works

The GPS satellites go round the earth two times a day and in the process it transmits signal information to the ground. On the other sides the GPS receiver acquires this information and calculates the user’s the proper location. GPS system has over the years been developed and it has become more accurate as compared to some years back. When it comes to time keeping you will find that most clocks are synchronized to be able to move well with universal time where the clock is set in to GPS time. GPS System in our case In our case the GPS system can actually be useful to the NYC subway and bus system.

The NYC subway will position post along the road and trail as well where bus stops and train are situated respectively. At each stage of the station where those boards containing instruction are elevated in a strategic position such that every body can see it as well as read it. It should use signs that each and every passer is able to interprets or provide avoice which is being heard by all the passengers. The signal signs can be inform of arrows showing the direction in which the train or bus is moving along with the time when the bus will be approaching.

NYC subway being a central system for receiving the signal and transferring them to the required destination effectively, then passengers will be able to know when the bus is approaching. May be it can show the time and give a notice, so that, passengers can as well prepare themselves for a board. NYC subway should closely monitor the system to avoid the occurrence of differences by the passengers on which and when to board the bus. They can be able to control the system by making sure that each and every step leading to arrival of signal is properly coordinated by the bus management.

People are now able to access the directions on where their destination is situated by even the click of the mouse, where one can Google and find the solution. Transit is well coordinated within the NYC and makes it easy and encourages more people to use the GPS system as a result of its efficacy. Conclusion By the use of GPS System there can be less confusion in the bus station in town of New York because every bus will come at a required time and the passengers for that specific bus will have been arrived.

There exists a program where no delays are made to people who want to travel to their destination at the time when they have planned earlier. Over the years GPS system has been improved and tested for better results especially by the NYC subways where is has been a great help to the transport system. Many companies are now developing the idea of using the DPS system over the world due to its efficiency and safe time.

Reference Michael . R, 2002, the precision revolution: GPS and the future of aerial warfare, naval institute press.

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