Gps Gsm Based Vehicle Tracking System Computer Science Essay

Abstract — – After buying a vehicle, proprietor ‘s first consideration is its security. The ground buttocks is high cost of vehicle, or expensive majority contents inside. It is said a stealer needs 1 minute to pick standard vehicle lock and interruption into it. So the importance of vehicle security can non be neglected. There are three types of security devices which include Alarms, Electronic and Mechanical Immobilisers and Tracking Devices.

This paper intends low-cost cost vehicle tracking system by utilizing GPS and GSM.

This engineering tracks the thrust of vehicle and keeps records for current and old places which can be easy seen on Map by utilizing cyberspace. Tracking system, which is installed in vehicle gets the current place of vehicle by GPS aerial and sent to a web waiter via text message through a GSM aerial. The GPS is used for positioning and GSM is used for Communication between waiter and unit. The place of traveling or inactive vehicle is so saved in database for unrecorded and old history of tracking.

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Microphone and talker can besides be attached for voice communicating with driver. New tracking techniques with better public presentation are presently under research but this engineering is widely used in different states.

Keywords: GSM, GPS, Tracking System, GSM aerial, Communication

I. Introduction

During last few old ages the rate of auto snatching, larceny, and plus larceny in many states have increased at a higher rate. The Federal Bureau of Investigation ‘s ( FBI ) late investigated that a vehicle is stolen in every 40 seconds in United States.

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In 2009 the South was at the top with the larceny rate 37.8 per centum, followed by the West, 34.2 per centum. The Midwest accounted for 18.0 per centum of larcenies and the Northeast for 10.0 per centum [ 1 ] .Due to which the importance of vehicle security can non be ignored. A big figure of tracking systems had so far been introduced with a broad scope of tracking services. But the care and operation cost of most of systems is really high which prevents it from widespread usage.

The aim of this research is to distill the cost of the trailing system and to do it more user friendly by utilizing the hottest engineerings Global Positioning System ( GPS ) and Global System for Mobile Communication ( GSM ) to doing it accessible for the common People. The tracking system can be used for Intelligent Transportation System ( ITS ) [ 2 ] . For illustration, it can be used in investigation autos to cipher real-time traffic informations to acknowledge the cloging country. It can besides be a life rescuer in instance of an exigency such as snatching, accident, larceny and to name exigency services rapidly. In add-on, it can be used to pass on with driver and for existent clip location of the vehicle. I have used NAVSTAR-GPS, a orbiter based service that was developed by United States Department of Defence. Global Positioning System ( GPS ) provides accurate, three dimensional information of the location every bit good as accurate speeds and timing services. It is accessible to an unrestricted figure of world-wide civilian, military, and commercial users [ 3 ] . The service is free of cost to everybody. Google Map is used for mapping the location. Communication between tracking unit and server carried out by a text message which is provided by GSM operators.


GPS Technology

Global Positioning System ( GPS ) is a system which contains a web of 24 orbiters of the United States, which are at first used in military, and afterwards allowed for business-related usage. The orbiters sporadically emit radio signal of short pulsations to GPS receiving systems. GPS receiving system receives the signal from at least three orbiters to cipher distance and uses a triangulation technique to calculate its two-dimension ( latitude and longitude ) place or at least four orbiters to calculate its three-dimension ( latitude, longitude, and height ) place. Once a location is computed, it can cipher an mean velocity and way of traveling.

GSM Technology

Global System for Mobile Communications ( GSM ) is the universe ‘s most popular criterion for nomadic telephone systems. Users can acquire advantage the roaming and switch bearers without altering phones. Short Message Service ( SMS ) is the hottest operation of GSM. SMS is the text communicating between web and Mobiles utilizing standard communicating protocols. It is a information application which is most widely utilizing clients with 2.4 billion active users [ 4 ] .

System Overview

The system consists of two parts – the tracking device and the database waiter, as shown in Figure 1. The device is attached with the traveling vehicle and gets the place from GPS orbiter in real-time. The place so sends with the International Mobile Equipment Identity ( IMEI ) figure as its ain individuality to the waiter. The information is checked for cogency and the valid information is stored into the database. Whenever user wants to track the device, s/he demands to logs into the service supplier ‘s web site and gets the unrecorded place of the device on Google Map. Now a twenty-four hours, with advanced engineering a user can acquire see the location of his vehicle on nomadic phone. Firstly user ‘s maximal three nomadic Numberss are stored in informations base, user send designed bids to tracker and tracker answer back the updated location to server which includes latitudes and longitudes, waiter cheques in Maps where this lat./long. Belongs and so direct location to users mobile.

User can besides pass on with the driver of the vehicle. For this an excess mike and talker demands to attach with the tracker. Driver can easy pass on. A custom statement is besides generated which includes a comprehensive account of the vehicles position. Users can besides see the old history places of the device.

Similarly, there are some temper options in the tracker such as, security, armed, garage, etc. If auto in armed manner and person tried to open the door the dismay Siren will sound for 30 seconds. Then tracker will direct a message with updated places of the vehicle to the Control Base. The Control Base package will so turn up the street name and closest point from a map waiter and direct these inside informations through SMS to authorise Contact individual with the text ( illustration ) :

“ John ‘s auto X928 CNN is at M62, near intersection Rochdale Rd. ; GPS Car Alarm: Door Open ”

To utilize SMS bid to lock the vehicle doors, type and direct this bid to the Vehicle Unit:

$ DOR,1 oˆ?Z Enter Vehicle Unit Number oˆ?Z Send

If the auto has been moved in armed position ( for illustration, in instance of tow-away ) , the undermentioned auto dismay characteristics will come into consequence. The dismay Siren will sound for 30 seconds. Tracker will direct an dismay message with reorganised GPS places to the Control Base. The Control Base will turn up the street name and closest point from a map waiter and direct these inside informations through SMS to reach individuals, with the text ( illustration ) :

“ John ‘s auto X928 CNN is at M62, near intersection Rochdale Rd. ; GPS Car Alarm: Vehicle Traveling ”

If the tracker unit has been removed from the chief battery power beginning or the auto battery gets excessively low, The Vehicle Unit will direct an dismay message with GPS place to the Control Base. The Control Base will happen the street name and nearest intersection from a map waiter and direct these inside informations through SMS to user, with the text:

“ John ‘s auto X928 CNN is at M62, near intersection Rochdale Rd. ; GPS Car Alarm: Main Power Cut ”

If user and server both will non answer with the proper security bid, tracker will wait for 2 proceedingss and after that will shutdown the engine, battery, ignition and doors of vehicle.

User can besides put the clip interval for the update location on the waiter e.g. 120 seconds and after every 120 seconds a tracker will direct the message which includes updated location. In the same manner, user can acquire the location every bit good as velocity of vehicle anytime he wants which shows the message:

“ John ‘s auto X928 CNN is on M62 with velocity of 72 miles/hour. Nearest point is Rochdale ”

The tracker includes particular safety characteristics that can salvage your life in instance of accidents, commandeering or exigency instances which called SOS Emergency Call.SOS push button can be installed at a secrete topographic point within range of the driver. Pressing this button will direct an dismay message and GPS coordinates to the Control Base. The Control Base will happen the street name and closest point from a map waiter and direct these inside informations through SMS to all Contact Numberss, with the text:

“ John ‘s auto X928 CNN is at M62, near intersection Rochdale Rd. ; GPS Car Alarm: Sos! ”

The tracker automatically dials a phone call to the user ‘s contact figure. If applicable, the SOS phone call can be used as “ soundless call ” to let users or operators to supervise events and sounds in the vehicle. Users in the auto can hang up the automatic SOS phone call by pressing the SOS button once more. After puting the SOS phone call, the vehicle unit will automatically get down tracking and update GPS places to the Control Base every 60 seconds over a period of 30 proceedingss.

Customer are able to setup and form monitoring actions and qui vives to the Vehicle Unit, utilizing Control Base package or Tracking Web services via Internet Explorer or mobile on GPRS enabled cell phones. If the Vehicle Unit has been configured with a set of restricted

Geographic countries ( Geo-Fences ) , Geo-Fence misdemeanor occurs and tracker will direct an dismay message and GPS coordinates to the Control Base. The Control Base will happen the street name and closest intersection from a map waiter and direct these inside informations through SMS to proprietor, with the text:

“ John ‘s auto is at M62, nearest intersection Rochdale ; GPS Car Alarm: GEO Fence Alert ”


A faculty is required compatible with 850MHZ /900MHz/1800MHz/190OMhz frequences of cellular webs. Super guard SG-VT02 QB is the faculty we have selected for this system shown in Fig 3. This device is able to work in any GSM web around the universe. For this no external accountant is required. It has a 20 channel high sensitive GPS receiving system and constitutional SIM card port which make the system compact and power efficient. To do a complete working and first-class system utilizing this SuperguardSG-VT02 QB faculty, merely the power beginning and the aerials are required. It besides supports entire criterion AT bid set plus usage AT bid set for GPS.

Figure 4 shows the work flow of the hardware. After exchanging on the device, it automatically initializes the web and gets the GPS informations in NMEA 0183 format and adds it with its Own alone IMEI figure [ 6 ] , [ 7 ] . Then it searches to link with GPRS. If it can non win due to GPRS inaccessibility so it logs the information in the non-volatile memory and delaies for a already fixed clip period. Then it tries to link to the GPRS once more. After set uping the GPRS, it tries to link to the service supplier ‘s web waiter utilizing the HTTP protocol. At successful connexion, the GPS informations with IMEI figure is sent to the waiter as a twine. Then after a distinct clip interval it hunt ‘s the handiness of GPRS and connects to the HTTP waiter. The current location of the device is sent. In this described manner the tracker communicates with the waiter and sends the location.


To detect the current place of the vehicle a web-based application has been developed. To develop this package PHP5, JavaScript and Ajax scripting linguistic communication was used. Due to high-performance question engine, tremendously fast informations insert capableness, and strong support for specialised web maps like fast full text hunts [ 8 ] My SQL database waiter is used for hive awaying informations. A instance survey shows that it could treat an norm of 3000 questions per 2nd [ 9 ] .Text message from tracker unit consists of IMEI figure of the device, Latitude, Longitude, UTC, Date, Speed and figure of orbiter. IMEI figure is used to authenticate the device.

Fig. 5 shows the server side flow diagram.

Fig. 5 Software Flow Diagram


The Spherical jurisprudence of cosines is used to cipher the the device ‘s location. This expression is used by and large for calculating great-circle distances between two braces of co-ordinates on a domain. Spherical jurisprudence of cosines provinces that [ 10 ] :

d=R*acos ( cos ( lat1 ) .cos ( lat2 ) .cos ( lng2a?’lng1 ) +sin ( lat1 ) .sin ( lat2 ) )

Here, vitamin D is the distance between two co-ordinates ( lat1, lng2 ) and ( lat2, lng2 ) .

LIVE Trailing

Live trailing is the major portion of this web application. This enables a user to see the unrecorded place of the device on the map. Google Map Satellite version is used to turn up the place.

After Loging in, a user will automatically be redirected to live_track.php page. In this page AJAX ( Asynchronous JavaScript and XML ) map is used to bring the new place from the waiter. This is done at fixed intervals in order to update it on the map without recharging the whole page repeatedly. The Fig. 5 shows the how AJAX works between user and server side.

Ajax is asynchronous, in that excess information is requested from the waiter and loaded in the background without interfering with the show and behavior of the bing page. Data is retrieved utilizing the XMLHttpRequest object that is available to scripting linguistic communications running in modern browsers, or, instead, through the usage of Remote Scripting in browsers that do non back up XMLHttpRequest [ 11 ] .

Fig. 6 Live Tracking Control Diagram


User can look into the history of tracking after logging into the system. The ‘history.php ‘ page will let sing the past places of the device by choosing a fixed day of the month and clip interval.

Fig. 7 Snapshot of the web page which shows the unrecorded place of the tracking device by utilizing Google map

In the database, the positional information along with current day of the month and clip is stored. This information is used to seek for the location of the device utilizing the specified day of the month and clip.

Fig. 8 Snapshot of the web page which shows the history ( old recorded places ) of the trailing system. Bubble indicates the place and clip of tracking device.


Many good attempts have been taken to cut down the entire cost of the system. The device cost is reduced by utilizing a individual faculty solution. By utilizing free Google map API and HTTP protocol the service cost has been overcome dramatically. Get downing from little concern to big endeavor, the device and service cost can be cheap.

In most states same techniques are in usage merely by replacing GPRS with GSM. The cost of GPRS is less expensive than SMS by a factor of 20 to 100. ( SMS costs about 0.5-1.0 Taka/SMS whereas GPRS costs about 0.02 Taka/KB [ 12 ] . To cut down the sum system cost, a individual GSM/GPRS/GPS faculty was used alternatively of separate devices. Beside the cost, this attack saves excess PCB infinite of the system. It is integrated with high degree python linguistic communication translator. This makes it easy to plan, update and optimise the system and to boot salvage the external accountant. Furthermore, it saves development clip and cost compared to programming and interfacing external accountant.


This paper presents an low-cost cost trailing system utilizing GPS and GSM web, suited for broad scope of applications all over the universe. The combination of the GPS and GSM provides uninterrupted and existent clip tracking.


I would wish to demo my gratitude to Prof. R.E. Sheriff, who guided me in the right manner and provided me with the necessary basic accomplishments to compose a standard Research Paper.


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