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Living for them is not the scenario but they have to earn a handsome income so that they can have nice bread and butter. Crime is not a thing which is always present in the blood of a person; sometimes the situation rams a person to do such crime. Many of you don’t even understand the basic definition of crime, crime is an evil act and it is very much punishable under law. Crime is not punishable under the law especially when the crime is committed in an act of self-defense. As said earlier, sometimes people are forced to take such a step to complete or accomplish the needs of the person itself and also the fellow family members.

During the prosecution of a person for any type of crime, the reason for committing such crime is also taken under consideration. Now days some people commit crime in order to satisfy their needs, such as rape cases, cannibalism etc. Cannibalism is one of the crimes which can disturb the state of society. In cannibalism, a person starts eating human flesh itself. But, in this very section we have to discuss on the case of robbery which was committed by person whose main interests were playing sports which could involve many people. He only had elementary education along with few years in high school.

His monthly income was very low. He was a middle aged person with a wife and children to be looked after. He was spending his livelihood in a rented house and had a semi-skilled line of work, i. e. a work of a laborer. He started living in a society to understand the term society and wanted to integrate. He knew many people in the society, and then suddenly he had to collect $4000 to pay the house rent. There were only two ways through which he could get the money, one way was to borrow from someone or the second way was to adopt the path of a criminal.

In that he had two options either to supply drugs or sell stolen items. He decided to follow the path of a criminal, but in that too there were two possible ways. The option to supply drugs was very dangerous as money earned from it was very less and chances of getting caught was more but the other option which was selling of stolen goods was much better as the risk was much lesser and also the money which could be earned was more. Then he finds a friend which could help him in finding such people who buy stolen cars and then they make a list of the cars which were in demand.

Then he made a list of the cars which could be easily stolen and do not have GPRS navigator or alarms. Then started the planning process in which his would help in jacking the car and helping him in taking the car. He decided to divide the money between his friend and him. Then due to his good communication skill and knowledge he started the process of stealing. He spotted a location of the car and checked the amount of risk associated with the crime, and then with the help of his friend he succeeded in jacking a car and taking to a neighboring community where he could possibly dispose off the car.

He came through with the situation and earned a handsome amount of $6000, but the amount was achievable only when he could deliver another car. Then after assuring the presence of his in the next incidental, he started the planning of one more robbery in which there were less chances of being caught and the act could be carried out without any carry-on. He advanced into the next incident by finding a car which could be easily stolen and also the risk was minus. Then with the help of his fellow friend, he jacked the car and carried out the process which was against the law.

He finally succeeded in selling the car and with this he earned again bounteously. With the proper execution of this act he earned an amount of $4000. Then as decided they distributed the money which they earned which was $10000, so they both earned an amount of $5000 each which was sufficient to satisfy the need of the person which was of $4000. He made the amount which was needed by him in a very less time. How can someone assure me that he will not take the same path when he is again in need of the money?

Now, it is the time to learn the steps of robbery which he did to properly execute the robbery. Are you really interested? If yes, then also don’t take such a path. But I must tell you what are the skills he possessed and which are needed to perform such crime. He was already conversant with the community and also with the roads around which helped him. He had an idea of the path ways of illegal trade around and by getting to know the people who are involved he started making the gasp of the act.

Then he started burglarizing the cars rather than going for simple mainstream crimes. Then gathering information of such cars which could be easily stolen and do not have GPS navigator or alarms, made him analyze the cars which were ready to be stole. Due to his command over communication skills he succeeded in getting contacts of the people who were ready to buy the stolen car and also helped him in finding a friend which could help him in carrying out the robbery as he was a car thief.

Then he persuaded the dealers for a handsome amount on each robbery due to his winning over power. He then arranged some of the tools which were required for the robbery to be successfully carried out, in which he had assistance of his friend who was himself a genius in the business and knew how to quickly jack a car. Then starting he car could not be done by him if his friend would not have helped and with good handsome for each act, he was successful in accomplishing a task which was not very easy for an experienced man as well.

Getting two people which could him a handsome amount for he act and also getting two cars in a span of just two days, with a very little risk of being caught also indicated the luck in his favour. But the risk increases as the serial number of the incident increases, but he still superintended the act very smartly the next day as well. This helped him in paying his debts which were the actual cause of making such a man to do such act which was actually against the law.

Money and its immediate need force many people in such a direction which they very well know, that the path is not appropriate and the end results could be legal injury. This is such a kind of path which always have a inlet to allow people to enter into such a business any time, but only few succeeds in finding the outlet of this path, i. e. it is very easy to adopt this path of legal injury, but it is very difficult to get out of it almost next to impossible (only few finds a way to pass through the walls of crime).

Now, it is the time to analyze what steps the police officials would possibly take to control such a situation of crime in the city. It has always been very easy for the police officials to take a control of such acts of crime in the city as in such cases there is always a possibility of evidence left behind by the criminal. In such criminal acts, the best possible way to conquer is by following the evidences which are available after the crime is successfully accomplished.

The officials must always look through the point of view of a thief in order to successfully succeed in catching the thieves. They must always think that which could be the next place where the thieves would find a great deal of their business material and also a place from where these thieves could easily run away if officials would attack them. Then the police officials must look for a pattern (if exist), as in most of the high profile robberies there is link which connect all the robberies as they are pre planned.

It also on the other hand very difficult to find the thieves, if there is not much evidence in the past incidents and the criminals stop their activity for some time. This situation is a self explanatory situation, as you have no evidence and there is no incident preceding to provide a hint for the next possible event and hence making it impossible for the police officials to get hold of the criminals. The criminals can only be caught, if there is a systematic procedure opted by the police officials and also they must consider each and every fact which could possibly help them to catch the criminals.

By such systematic approach, proper execution of the plan with the proper support as a team can only lead to the success which the police officials are looking for and which is watching the criminals stand behind the bars. Now, I would like to give the information about one more crime which I read on internet and really one of the crimes which would affect you mentally. It is a crime which was going on from months and the police officials were not actually thinking this way, by this I mean the situation which was revealed after the interrogation of the police officials.

This is an incident which all started with the kidnapping of a small child about four to five years old. Then the parents of the child reported this missing to the police officials and immediately the police officials started working on this matter. But after several days of sleepless nights the officials ended up with no clue to what actually happened to the child and where the child was. Then suddenly, one more parent came running to the police officials to report on more missing of their child who was again four to five years old.

This report messed up the situation more for the police officials. This made the police officials to restart the investigation from the scratch. But again in the end there was not even single evidence with the police officials and this made the situation worst for the police officials. But, then a sequence of kidnapping started in the city where children of age group four to eight were kidnapped and there was not even single evidence with the police officials which could make things easy and simple for the police officials.

This all carried for about a span of six months, when a ray of hope stroked in the favour of the police officials and there was a case which was registered, not in the police department but in the local sewage department as there was lot of smell which was coming from the drainage which was associated with a house, which was taken by a person where he could make a nursing home for small children who are homeless. Then the local authorities responded to the situation very quickly as it was disturbing the atmosphere.

The smell which was coming out of the drainage was very unusual and being an unusual smell, it was disturbing the people a lot and made them to lodge a complain for it. When the local authorities started the process of digging the drainage, then initially everything went on nicely and smoothly. But as they proceeded one of the shocking incidents came to the notice of the police officials and also to the people who were residing in the same locality. It made the police to think on and on as nothing of such sort had ever taken place in the city as well as in the country.

What could be the possible crime??? Can u think or imagine??? Wait, I will tell you. The incident actually started when the first missing report was launched about six months back and the same process continued until now. The person who was the owner of the house, which was meant for homeless children, was actually the kidnapper who was kidnapping children from various parts of the city. His motive was not actually which you all are thinking off, this case was not as simple as it seems.

His motive was not extortion as he was himself very rich. So, what was the case all about??? Now, it is the time for you all to know what was the crime all about. The crime actually was done by the person to meet his sexual need. He used to rape each and every child, and then he used to kill them and put them in the sewage which was attached to his house. Could you possibly imagine a rape of a four to five year child by a forty year old man? I know what your answer is and possibly the same reply I too have, i. e. NO.

It is actually very difficult for a human to analyze such a criminal act. The person then went missing and the police officials started their investigation for which Special Forces were also used in order to get assistance and then after some days, the man was caught in a city which was about 500 kilometers away from the city where the crime took place. The man was beaten by the local people for his act which was simply inhuman and then in the end he was sentenced to death by the court. Is it sufficient to give death sentence to such a person????

From the point of view of a normal citizen, the answer would be no but from the point of view of a court; this is the highest punishment which they can give to any criminal. Hence, from my point of view there should be made a change in the law and also the constitution, where such people make the life of a normal citizen a living hell by committing crime and then in the end, they are sentenced to death. But what about those people who are actually the victim of such crimes and have to live with such a horrifying reality throughout their life.

This is a real incident to which the crime was known to the person and the police did not take the proper action. This is an incident which took place in my near by location. The person is a male of not more than fourteen years of age or a teenagers, he has five more friends who are involved in such an operation. The person wants to earn a livelihood or handsome money which could lead him a sum amount for his actions to take place. He always wants to have good food or some thing like that but no one could understand what was in his mind.

The person had stolen the bike, this was a series of misery as day by day the crime was helding his hands high and the security could not get catch hold of them. Now what was going on in the mind of the thief that he wants to earn a handsome amount of money so that he can earn his entire livelihood? But now as the series was going the security was made tight but then also he did not stop or rather no one was able to stop him. Now the action did not took place for a month but suddenly the person whose bike was lost caught hold of them.

The bike was stolen from the basement, the boy had parked his bike in the basement and went up to his house for some work when he came back somebody had broken the lock of the bike and had started off to take it. Now the bike was taken away from the location or the community was he was living. The person lodged a complain in the police station but no action was taken but instead the police told them to give the names of the person who were involved in the operation. Later on, on the very next day the person saw his bike and again went to the police station to tell them that he had seen his bike again in the community near by.

The police said the same statement as said earlier. The person could not get a satisfaction but then also he didn’t give up. H got the names of the person involved in the crime and gave it to the police but then they told him to get hold of them and hand over them to the police. Now you can imagine that what would be the status of the person at that time. Now what is the person at that phrase of time? He could not get the things back but now he can not trust the police any more.

Now what was the very next operation or the crime to take place which can be taken place? The person of such a small age can get through what he was doing so or the police can take some action which can be involved in such a case where the person can be trapped and he can held his crime. The robbery or other sought of crime can never be cut short but not a strict action can take place where they can easily get hold of them. But if police can not prove that they are with the local people, they have to be every time alert about the crime.

The police and the local people along with the security can make or catch hold of such type of crime and every person can make there things secure by passing the loot affairs in your premises. The security alarms and GPS tracking system of such a thing can be added to your set of place and things. Your place and items are not a single set of things which can secure your items. They grabbed the opportunity and manage to take it without being caught once again. References 1. CRIMINAL LAW. 2. MERCHANTILE LAW. 3. GOOGLE 4. BUSINESS LAW.

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