Governments Essay Topics

Governments and corporations

There was no question of ownership of oil, water and other resources freely available in the environment before governments and/or private companies claimed ownership of these resources with the pronouncement that they would process and distribute these resources fairly. Poverty is a result of unfair distribution of resources. Moreover, environmental degradation ensues when governments or… View Article

Money spent on weapons is largely wasted

Many countries have engaged in programs of purchasing and manufacturing weapons. Countries spend a lot of money in these weapons manufacture. There have been heated debates that have risen as a result of the expenses that the countries incur. There are those who argues that the large sum of money spent in manufacturing weapons could… View Article

Should Governments Mandate Biofuels?

The bioenergy quest is on. And with this quest, man moves so expeditiously and responsibly. Others, on the other hand, think otherwise: man moves so expeditiously but irresponsibly. After all, one does not jump off from a vehicle on the fast move. Every one wants clean air but due to man’s activities, he dirties and… View Article