Government Regulations

In business world, we always see many complains being raised about governments regulations and their nature towards many restrictions for businesses. Often, this stands as an obstacle to many corporate and small business profits as well as misuse of their valuable time and effort. Government prerequisites have been criticized, avoided by many businesses since the mid- twentieth century when the corporate income tax and anti-trust laws were first announced. From then with many regulations being proposed, we have seen American business has both succeeded and endured as a result of government activity (Davis, 2018).

Currently, we will look into few regulations and laws with the subject of regardless of whether they help business has no simple answers. Anti-Business Regulations and Laws Over the period of Global Financial Crisis from 2007-2011, an excessive number of traded corporations have damaged immigration laws by employing undocumented workers, polluted atmosphere to keep up or increase in their market price of their stock (Davis, 2018).

This obviously affected the general public so, which is the reason government is accountable for any controls in the first place.

With respect to above mentioned business acts, below we have few regulations and laws which does not encourage business complains: Sarbanes-Oxley Act: With the major corporate fraud in companies, government has come up with the act called Sarbanes-Oxley Act which had few corporate responsibilities. Many in business world restricted this bill saying its time effective and difficult.

Environmental Protection Agency: Companies complained that rules are costly, and it deals with companies’ profits.

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The FDA: Many Pharmaceutical companies had complained regarding the refusal of few drugs while they still have pending clinical trials. Pro-Business Government Agencies and Activity There are many programs from government available to business people as financial funding, servieces and required information. They also provide loans for small business such as start-up companies, training programs and help small businesses to improve their overseas sales.

But as a duty to protect public they have few laws and regulations in place to control the loss. Sometimes, government takes remarkable steps to protect businesses when the situation arrives. As we see there are many programs to help people in business advising, to help them plan accordingly and financially. Conclusion Despite of business complains, government is always friend of business, in terms of finance providing’s or any other kind of services to business communities. Similar way, government is also responsible for protective laws, rules and regulations for public. Therefore, government rules and regulations should benefit both business and consumer. At the same time, they should also provide flexibility and liberty to businesses so that they could enhance in the technology development.

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