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Government Health Agency Websites

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (829 words)
Categories: Health, Health Care, Therapy
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Government Health Agency websites are full of information for any person from a health care provider to a patron needing assistance. From local government all the way up to national, these agencies provide a means of health education to everyone. A common health issue that has been a problem for many years and will be for years to come is the heat. The heat can cause numerous problems for any person, even those who take the necessary precautions.

In researching local, state, and national government health agency websites it was found that they all work together in some way to alert the communities of any current advisories. The information the agencies put out can be vital to a person’s health and well-being. When comparing the agency websites certain discoveries were made. In this paper, the different findings will be discussed in how the information overlaps, how the different levels of government work together, and a definition of public and community health.

How does information overlap?

All government websites carry a lot of the same information. When researching what local, state, and national agencies gave information on heat advisories and illnesses it was easy because heat illnesses are something that affects everyone. These agencies are about creating a place where the community can go and get information on any public health issue that affects them and their families. Even though the agency websites give a lot of the same information, they all have different structures but rely on each other for information. Local governments focus their information on the community they serve.

Specifically Jacksonville Florida, The local government health agency, Duval County Health Department, uses past and current statistics to create advisories and information for Jacksonville. State health agencies accrue health information from counties in Florida to create generalized alerts and advisories. National Level appears to do the same thing. The structures with in each health agency start with different departments and divisions. For example, the CDC has a strong organizational structure that all works together for one main goal. The CDC structure starts with their different divisions from influenza division to division of bacterial disease, and up to the director. How to the levels of government work together?

Local and state agencies work together by gathering information from one another. If there is a major illness issue in Jacksonville, the state may intervene to help get pertinent information out to the public. Local and state agencies usually report their data to the National agencies like the Center for Disease Control (CDC). “CDC seeks to accomplish its mission by working with partners throughout the nation and the world to monitor health, detect and investigate health problems, conduct research to enhance prevention, develop and advocate sound public health policies, implement prevention strategies, promote healthy behaviors, foster safe and healthful environments, provide leadership and training.” (CDC, 2011) All health agencies maintain a structure with in them selves as well as with each other.

Public and Community Health

Public and community health is one of the most important entities in an environment. Public health and community health go hand in hand. It is the art of protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthier lifestyles, and research. (What is Public Health, 2011) Public health is important for many reasons, a few being that it makes the community aware of things to watch out for, ways to stay safe, how to prevent illness in their homes and in their children, and how to educate and spread information. With out public health communities around the world would now have the knowledge to protect their health and fight disease.

In heat related injuries, the spread of public and community health information has informed people of what to watch out for, ways to avoid heat exhaustion and stroke, and what to do if signs and symptoms present. The importance of public health is sometimes underestimated when everything appears to be good in the community. But when someone researches on a local, state, or national website they will see that there are many problems going on and maybe they will have the knowledge to spread the word.


Government Health Agency websites are full of information for any person from a health care provider to a patron needing assistance. From local government all the way up to national, these agencies provide a means of health education to everyone. In the case of Heat related illnesses, they are 100 percent preventable. Local, state, and national health agencies communicate this information on a regular basis to protect and prevent heat injury or illness. Organizational structures within each level of government all work together no matter how high on the chain or how low. They all work together for one common goal: Public and community health.


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