Gourmet Coffee Research Essay

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Gourmet Coffee Research

Using the books and internet, a research regarding buying behavior for gourmet coffee is conducted for the country of France. Certain keywords are used in order to limit the search for the internet. The keywords used include gourmet coffee, France, brewing equipment, buying behavior, and consumption. Using a search engine, there are results that came back and the relevance of each are taken into account. This is because, while there may be several results found, the credibility and relevance are to be inspected when using the internet for research (Levitt & Rosch, 2006).

There are also books consulted but relatively few information from both means resulted to an exact data needed to determine the buying behavior in the said country. A summary of the results are shown below. Coffee is, interestingly, served together with breakfast in bowls and is mixed with an aroma of chicory (Eccellente Gourmet Coffee, 2005). Likewise, the quantity consumed for coffee is associated with certain factors, which are identified by Debry (1994) as “need for a stimulant, preference for strong coffee, coffee connoisseurship, and choice of coffee-roasting shop” (p. 65).

In terms of world consumption, France has shown a trend of decline from the years 2000 to 2004 with the only exception for the year 2001 to 2002 (International Coffee Organization, 2005). Relative to the numbers of other European countries, it is among the top consumers. Likewise, there is a growing chain of coffee shops owned by Columbus Cafes and this is a potential market for the equipment to be sold (Bell, 2001). The data gathered from both library and internet research does not produce the ample data required for the purpose of identifying the feasibility of an investment into this market.

As of the moment, the only option left is to collaborate with associations or organization of coffee growers or producers in order to obtain the data for financial support for their programs, which is much lower than paying the firms. References Bell, J. (2001). For coffee in Paris, the future is now. Retrieved January 21, 2008, from http://www. allbusiness. com/manufacturing/food-manufacturing-food-coffee-tea/788729-1. html. Debry, G. (1994). Coffee and health.

London, England: John Libbey & Company, Ltd. Eccellente Gourmet Coffee. (2005). Did you know? Retrieved January 21, 2009, from http://www. eccellentegourmetcoffee. com/didYouKnow. htm. International Coffee Organization. (2005). World coffee consumption by importing country. Retrieved January 21, 2008, from http://www. fas. usda. gov/htp/tropical/2005/12-05/cofconim. pdf. Levitt, C. & Rosch, M. (2006). The lawyer’s guide to fact finding on the internet. Chicago, IL: American Bar Association.

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