Gothic Essay Topics

Is the Gothic mode

Is the Gothic mode necessarily subversive? The answer to that question is “yes. ” Authors of Gothic works use the genre’s melodramatic elements of romance and horror/suspense to make social and political commentary, often in contrast to prevailing schools of thought. In both Austen’s “Northanger Abbey” and Walpole’s “The Castle of Otranto,” both texts present… View Article

Gothic Style in Britain

Gothic style has been enduring father of architectural design in Britain. Its development was complex and contradictive as it offers extraordinary vision of forms, shapes and angles. Nevertheless, the style has found its recognition. Usually, on distinguishes four major developmental stages of gothic style: Norman Gothic dated 1066-1200; Early English Gothic dated 1200-1275; Decorated Gothic… View Article

Gothic Cathedrals

Gothic architecture flourished during the Medieval times or Middle Ages. It evolves from the Romanesque style of architecture. The best example of Gothic architecture are the Gothic Cathedrals, specifically the La Sainte-Chapelle Cathedral in France and the Salisbury Cathedral in England. This paper will discuss the main and identifiable features of Gothic Cathedrals and explore… View Article

Gothic literature

In response to the question “is gothic literature purely escapist? ” considering Austen’s Northanger Abbey and Walpole’s novel The Castle of Ontranto, which is recognized as pretty much establishing the genre, the answer is yes. Castle of Ontranto Brief Plot summary The plot of Castle begins full tilt as Conrad, son of Manfred of house… View Article

Gothic V Romanesque Architecture

Medieval Art is characterized largely by the use of both Gothic and Romanesque architecture. As Christianity was highly significant to the middle ages, much of said architectural design is exemplified in the cathedrals of the time. Romanesque and Gothic architecture differ greatly from one another, as is displayed in a comparison of a Gothic chapel… View Article

Hawthorne, Brown and Poe

The gothic component of the American Romantic Period of 1800-1860 produced several eerie and gothic works by talented literary minds. Three such pieces, “The tell-tale heart,” “The Birthmark,” and Wieland were written by Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Charles Brockden Brown. These works of fiction delve into the minds of seemingly unstable protagonists, and… View Article

The Tell Tale Heart Essay

In Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”, the narrator claims that he is not “mad” but his behavior tells a different story. He is truly determined to destroy another male human being, not because of jealousy or animosity but because “one of his eyes resembled that of a vulture- a pale blue eye, with a film over… View Article