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Got Milk Study

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1188 words)
Categories: Advertising,Beverages,Business,Coffee,Food,Marketing
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“ Got Milk? ” 1. You are the California Mike Processor Board (CMPB) and your advertising agency was the originator of the successful “got milk? ” campaign. Now all milk producers, including your competition are using the same advertising. How might you establish points of difference from your competitors selling milk? * Spread a new kind of portable packaged dairy beverage. It’s mainly made from milk but with fresh taste, which is distinguished from the pure milk. Also, it has many flavors, like peanut, almond, cashew nut, coffee, blueberry, banana, apple and other fruits.

Expand “Got milk? ” meaning, added it with “Got Milk Today?

” and “Just Drinking Milk for Fun”. * Switching consumers’ traditional concepts that “I should” to “I want”. The new message aims to remind customers the possibility of “drinking milk when you just want a drink” instead of regarding milk only as “a necessity with cereal”, ”an accompaniment with cookies and sandwiches” or “an ingredient in coffee, milkshakes and soup”. * Launching a new campaign to persuade consumers that the new milk beverage can be drunk not only in the breakfast, but also in any occasions people want to have a drink.

Also, this kind of new dairy drink is suitable for any age, not specific for the youth or children.

* Expand the distribution channels that consumers can easily access to this dairy beverage, especially in the restaurant, fast food chains, convenient stores, vender machine, etc. 2. Create your “brand image” of milk. What are the key associations of milk in the minds of consumers and how have you arrived at your answer? * Our brand image is “Got Milk For Fun Today! ”, which means consumers can drink this dairy beverage anytime and anywhere, when they want to drink something, as the same as they want to drink sodas, juice, coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

The new California dairy beverage is made from milk containing rich calcium and protein, which is healthier than sodas; it is more tasty than milk itself since it has been made into various flavored beverages; and it has convenient bottled-package as other beverages which can be drunk in the fancy restaurant, at school, in the gym, in driving-car, even in a bar. * According to the UDIA national consumer survey results, most people think milk is a healthy drink, a good source of calcium, a need for youth, as well as adults.

And usually people drink milk when they eat breakfast with cereal, lunch with sandwiches, dinner with family meal. In a word, people are seldom “willing” to drink milk itself and few people would think of milk as beverage outside home. * Therefore, we want to change the “serious food” image into a kind of “entertainment” with the idea “Drink Milk for Fun”. We attempt to impress consumers that this flavored healthy dairy beverage is also can drink outside when you talk with friends, walk to somewhere, dine out with family, etc.

The “end-users health benefits of milk” are just moderately motivation, but “have fun” can be a more effective motivator. We want to build up a new connection between fluid dairy and consumers’ interests in our brand image to remind consumers that milk is not a “forgettable” beverage in everyone’s life. 3. What is more important for the successful long—term growth of milk, “brand performance” or “brand imagery” and why? * “Brand performance” describes how well the product or service meets customers’ more functional needs.

* “Brand imagery” depends on the extrinsic properties of the product or service, including the ways in which the brand attempts to meet customers’ psychological or social needs. * Brand imagery is more important for the long-term success of milk growth. * Since milk is a kind of product which owns high awareness among end-users, everyone knows it’s healthy, but it doesn’t mean that they have desire to consume it, especially for its old-fashion and serious image. Therefore, it’s more important for us to change the traditional brand imagery in customers’ mind, especially the purchase and usage situations.

As most customers consume milk only with other food and only at home for breakfast, to increase the purchase and consume of milk, the first thing is to increase the possible occasions for milk consume in customers’ mind. * In addition, customers know milk’s brand performance well, so it won’t be that helpful for long-term growth if we focus on the functional needs. However, consumers who are high “self-monitors” and sensitive to how others see them are more likely to choose brands whose personalities fit the consumption situation.

So it’s more effective to advertise psychological and social needs, to establish the associations with “fun”, and provide customers with fresh feelings and ideas about milk, like what “Got Milk? ” have done years ago. 4. What are the Points of Parity and the Points of difference for milk versus other beverages consumed at breakfast? * Since there are various beverages, we discuss the parity and difference based on the different kinds of beverage. * Point of Parity of milk versus other beverage: Fruit juice, coffee, tea & Milk: necessary for people at breakfast Fruit juice & Milk: contain rich nutrition.

Coffee, tea & Milk: various flavors * Point of difference of milk versus other beverages: First, milk is a necessity with cereal and some other food in the breakfast. Unlike fruit juice, milk can be an ingredient in the morning coffee and tea. Second, it’s a healthy benefit for growth and good source of calcium, which cannot be replaced by any other beverage. In addition, comparing with addiction to caffeine by drinking coffee, milk drinking for years only benefits people’s health. Last but not least, milk is relatively cheaper than other beverage. 5. The “Got milk?

” advertising campaign in some form has run for over ten years. What can the California Milk Processors Board do to keep the message and strategy fresh in the consumer’s minds? * In this more than-ten year campaign, the “Got Milk” and “Milk Mustache” are still fun but not enough to catch consumers’ eyes. No matter how wonderful the “Got Milk? ” campaign is, year after year, people will be fed up with the same message and strategy. * To retrieve the energy of advertising, we deliver some new messages and strategy to bring some fresh air into “Got Milk? ” campaign. Adding the new element “Drink Milk for Fun” in the “Got Milk?

” means changing the “milk is as boring as a beverage could possibly be” image in consumers’ minds. As a result, it appeals consumers to keep the interests in consuming more milk. * Engage consumers in the new campaign. Increase consumers’ awareness of drinking more milk by lunching promotion include the free sample-drinking on the downtown street, direct mail with coupon, social activity like dairy fan club etc. * Ultimate goal is to remind consumers to think of milk as a kind of beverage and to drink milk itself, or better, drink more. The new element in advertise will also recall people’s good memory of the “Got Milk? ” in the past.

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