Gorges Dam Essay

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Gorges Dam

1. Why was the building of the dam first proposed in 1919 and by whom?

The dam was first proposed by Sun-Yat San, the father of modern China, in order to protect river communities from floods and also contribute for economic development plan for China.

2.Why have archaeologists and historians criticized the building of the Three Gorges Dam?

Archeologist and historians criticize the building of the Three Gorges Dam because it is socially and environmentally destructive. This is because when the dam is finished, nearly 2 million people will have been displaced and 4000 villages, 140 towns, and 13 cities will have been swallowed up. Also, monuments, and priceless archeological discoveries of this countries culture will be lost forever.

3. What has been the unfortunate response of local government officials assigned to help families affected by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam?

Corruption among officials involved with the project have endangered and killed people because of the poor construction. In the city of Chongqing a steel bridge collapsed killed 40 people. Also, the Chinese aren’t concerned about the affects it will have on the people, by building the dam. In addition, during the construction of the dam, Chinese officials promised people who had to more from their homes, cash compensation and new homes. However, many families complained that much, in some cases most, of the compensation due to them, has been siphoned off by corrupt local bureaucrats.

4. How has government corruption impacted safety?

The government corruption impacted safety because many projects were not built well and harmed many people. Also, people who had to move from their homes were not given their compensation that they were due, because much of the money was embezzled, by corrupt officials. Also, the government was more concerned about the project then they were of the people’s safety.

5. Why did China believe the building of the Three Gorges Dam was an absolute necessity in terms of energy production?

China believed the building of the Three Gorges Dam was an absolute necessity in terms of energy production, because it provides about 10 percent of China’s annuals electricity and it is clean energy. This is necessary because in such a polluted country, the production of clean energy is a massive upside.

6. Compare the energy production of the Three Gorges Dam to the Hoover Dam. Although China believed the Dam would provide the nation with 10% of its power needs, what is the current amount of power it actually is supplying?

China thought that the Three Gorges Dam would provide 10 percent of China’s total energy needs. During the years of construction, the population’s demand of energy has reduced that number to 3 percent. The Hoover Dam produces, on average, about 4 billion kilowatt-hours of hydroelectric power each year for use in Nevada, Arizona, and California – enough to serve 1.3 million people. The gorges dam provides 3 times the more power then the Hoover Dam.

7. What are some of the environmental implications sited by Chinese officials that have occurred as a result of the Dam project? The river that’s been dammed is polluted. Also, sediment can clog the river.

8. What has been the “most worrying consequence” that has occurred as a result of the Dam?

The environmental degradation that the river has caused is the most worrying consequence. The flooding of the towns, villages, and cities and the polluted river are the result of the dam.

9. What is the impact on local communities near the construction zone?

What about farmland? Local communities near the construction zone have been displaced because of floods or are in danger because of corrupt government officials. In addition, farmland has been destroyed because of the floods and the decrease in delta sediment. The dam has reduced downstream nutrients and sediment flow. And has seriously impacted neighboring river and seacoast ecosystems.

10. Although. Over a million people have been displaced by the dam already. What is the future forecast for local citizens? Is the social turmoil over yet?

Many local citizens have not been given their compensation for moving because of the dam. In addition, much of the money the government promised has also been embezzled. Therefore, many people will probably not be given their compensation in the future. The social turmoil is still not over yet because the people who have been displaced were not given as much fertile soil as promised. This causes many farmers to be making less, then the amount they made in their original homes.

11. What was an important economic goal associated with the building of the Three Gorges Dam?

The economic goal was to create more and cleaner power. In addition, they wanted the Three Gorges Dam to improve shipping.

12. How does the Three Gorges Dam improve Yangtze River trade?

The Three Gorges Dam allows larger ships to travel the river, improving trade.

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