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Good workouts Essay

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I believe that I will again stick to the same sessions I have already been doing this week. They have been good workouts to do and I think it will be a good idea to do it once more before trying anything harder. Workout 2 Plan Today I will again be doing the same workouts I have been doing this week. I will use the same weights, do the same amount of sets and reps and of course stick to the same machines.

Session This session felt exactly the same as the one that I did yesterday. My arms were a little tired, so I had longer rests between each set of reps. I used the exact same weights, machines and did the same number of sets and reps. I was really feeling the effects of all the training I had done already this week, as towards the end of each set my arms really were feeling the strain. Still, I walked away feeling good.

Changes? When I come back next week to the gym, I will do a slightly heavier weight and do slightly less repetitions. The purpose of this is to build muscle rather than tone it, which involves high repetitions of a low weight. Workout 3 Plan For today’s sessions I will be using a heavier weight and I will be doing less repetitions although I will do the same amount of sets. For example on the bicep curls, I will probably use 30 kgs of weight, and do 3 sets of 6 reps. For the machine that works on the deltoids I will do the same amount of sets and reps, only I will probably try about 49 kgs of weight.

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Session This session was a huge success! My arms felt really good after my break from all the workouts that I did last week. The only adjustment that I made to my plan was that on the bicep curl and other machines that work on the smaller muscles, I actually used a heavier weight. I ended up working out on 35 kgs, and I could really feel it working on my arms. When I left the gym my upper body felt like it had been through a good workout. I wasn’t that tired, but I could tell that I had been working out for sure! This was a good session.

Changes? I will not make any changes to my next session. This was a very good workout and if I carry on with this workout for the next few sessions then I will definitely increase the muscle mass in my upper body as well as my strength. Workout 4 Plan Today’s session will be along exactly the same lines as last time’s session was. I will be doing 3 sets of 6 reps on every machine, working on a 35 kg weight on my arms and 49 kgs of weight on all other upper body muscles.

Session Today’s session went really well. I felt really strong, not to mention “up for it” when I went in to the gym. My body seemed to recover quite rapidly between each set, which meant that I could get the entire thing over and done with before making the most of the warm weather and going out training on my mountain bike! Again, towards the end of the session, my body felt like it had had a good workout. My muscles were slightly tired from lifting the heavier weights, but I definitely think I am getting stronger.

Changes? I think that I will do one more session like the one I have just done. At the end of that session I will come up with a plan for next time, based on how I feel and whether I need to make any improvements or adjustments. Workout 5 Plan Today I am still feeling the effects of yesterday’s session yet I still am feeling keen to do more weights. I will go into the gym and I will do the same session as I did last time. Same number of sets and reps, as well as the same weights. However I will be making on very big adjustment. Upon speaking to my cycling coach in England, I realised that I have been going wrong somewhere. I haven’t actually been stretching before the workouts, even though I originally wrote about how I was going to do so in my “principles of training I intend to use” section. This may be one of the contributing factors to my slight muscle aches and pains. So today I will stretch out all of my upper body before doing any workouts.

Session I definitely believe that stretching made a difference today. Although my arms were slightly sore when I did the stretches, I was safe in the knowledge that it was for the best and that I would be benefiting from it. When it came to lifting the weights, my arms felt a lot more flexible and I also felt as if I had a slightly larger range of motion, which helped on almost every machine. My arms were tiring a little towards the end of each set, but this was only to be expected. I left the gym feeling refreshed but my arms were a little achy. I think I will give it a rest for the remainder of this week, and I will commence the next session on Monday.

Changes? Contrary to what I said in my last “Changes?” box, I will be doing a few more sessions like the one I have just done. I think it is important not to get too carried away as I do not want to cause myself any unnecessary strain or injury from trying to lift too heavier weight too early on in my workouts. Besides, I still find the session I have just done quite a challenge, anything harder would not be wise.

Workout 6 Plan Today I plan to do my usual stretches before I begin any workouts. I will then carry on as usual lifting 35 kgs on my arms and 49 on my pectorals and deltoids. I will be doing the usual 3 sets of 6 reps on every machine. Session Today was not such a good day. When I went into the gym I was quite tired from a mountain bike race I did at the weekend, and with hindsight, it would have been wiser not to go into the gym. I managed to do 3 sets on each machine, but the weights were lighter. On the arms, I was lifting 25 kgs and only 35 on my pectorals and back muscles. It was slightly disappointing but these things do happen!

Changes? I think I will wait a few days before I do my next gym session. I will allow my body to recover from the race at the weekend soas not to overtrain or fatigue my muscles when there is no real purpose in doing so. I will aim to do the same workout as Workout 6, however, it will really depend on how I feel at the time Workout 7 Plan Today I intend to do the same workout, commencing with my usual stretching. I am feeling fully recovered so hopefully it will go well! Session Today proved to be very productive. From the moment I lifted the first weight I knew it was going to be a good session. I did make a change to my original plan though. After I had finished all the workouts, I was still feeling fine, so I added an extra set on, totalling 4 sets of 6 reps on every machine. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s workout and I am not that tired either, maybe this means I am getting stronger!


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