Good vs Evil essay Essay

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Good vs Evil essay

Some people may argue that there is more good in the world. These people are incorrect because everyone does have evil in them and are very well capable of doing bad things. Although not everyone expresses their anger at the same level of intensity, everyone has most likely done more bad in their life then acts of good kindness such as helping at a shelter, charity, and community service. Kids and teenagers stay home and play video games that are usually shooting or murder games.

There are not many stories on the news about good Samaritans who are being praised and honored or people who risk their lives for others very often. Often you hear stories that are publizized about murder, homicide, rape and kidnappings. There is constantly something new occurring every day and it is usually bad. From stealing to drunk driving to murder, there is always something negative going around. The media, society and peers are slowly influencing humans and increasing the chances of evil in the world. Children are born pure and without sin.

As time goes on, their environment shapes their world, perspective on life, and morals and standards as well as their definition on what is right and what is wrong. Children who are born into a family who neglects them and abuses them are normally not going to have good morals and will have a different and even negative view on life. Children who were born into a well rounded family usually grow up into a good kid and have better morals unlike a kid who grew up being abused and neglected. Their environment, society shape them and cause them to choose their path in life.

Naturally when babies are born and immediately want everything. They want food, sleep, attention or to play and usually don’t sit down and not complain. Humans are all born with greed, selfishness and self centerness. All human beings are evil to a greater or lesser extent. We are governed by emotions, environment, social circumstances and our intelligence . Secretly, people wish in their minds and thoughts that something bad would happen to another person or that they would get in trouble or get a bad grade.

Normally people do not think about others and wish for them to get a better grade then them or wish they had more popularity and a better life. Although people may think they are always doing the right thing they are not. People tend to ignore their conscious even thought they are constantly being told that it is wrong and that they should do what is right. As we grow, our desires get the better of us and we get more and more tangled with material life, making our ego chase after things we want and allowing jealousy to get the best of us.

Nobody can go through life without a single evil thought and evil acts even though it may not be intentional; they still choose to do it. We were given morals and values to follow, and sometimes people abide the rules and make poor choices and decisions. There are many acts of hatred in the world. Wars, events like September 11, the Holocaust and others. Some people kill the innocent maybe for pleasure, to show power or simply because they feel like it and feel it’s the right thing to do. September 11 killed thousands of people by a group of people who believed they should show their power.

They were oblivious to the devastation and destruction that they were causing. During the holocaust, millions were killed because they were not a certain race or religion. There are barely any acts of kindness, showing that people are neurotic. It is our sin-full nature and how we survive, but at the same time, those people who give to charity can also be selfish and expect a reward from others in return. Evil stands out more than good and people tend to focus on the evil behavior of humans.

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