Good vs Evil Essay

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Good vs Evil

Are all human beings born to be good or evil? Can we change to the opposite of what we are? When a person becomes good or evil, there is always a reason behind that. No one is this world, is born to be evil nor good, we are all born to be equal and neutral. As we experience our life, we change due to the society we are living in now. However, jealousy and our past is also another reason why we change. Are these the real reasons why we change? To begin with, society is one reason why people change and become either good or evil, but why?

This happens because of all the people around us. We become so influenced by all the people around us that we forget what good and evil really means. A good person is good but once they are around evil people and experiences how the society really is; with that society that person will become evil and will never realize it. Secondly, jealousy is another reason why we become good or evil. In the book, Lord of the flies, Ralph was chosen to be the leader because he was mature, intelligent, and understandable.

But Jack thought he should’ve been the leader because he was the leader of his choir, and because of his jealousy he made plans to kill Ralph. Also, Jack made his own tribe and was held on Castle Rock because he wanted to prove to the others that he can be a better leader than Ralph. Jealousy can lead to a lot of bad decisions, whether their good or evil. Lastly, our past can also be a reason why we become good or evil. Most people think the past is in the past and theirs no going back. That’s true, but to others their past stays with them all the time.

That’s because their past must’ve been to terrifying to forget. In my past, my best friend was taken away from me by someone else. I was upset and terrified because of what she did. I noticed I became evil; I would always want to take revenge and terrify her like she did to me. Our past can make us do foolish things. No one in this world is born to be good or evil. Some are just evil because of all the bad things that have been influenced around them. And some are good because of all the good things that have been influenced around them. It depends all on your society, jealousy and your past.

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