Good to Great Essay

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Good to Great

People have different approaches towards life. In the business world, success is measured by the number of accomplishments gained from a company in the shortest time possible. The book, “Good to Great”, shows readers some lessons to be practiced when taking the initiative to make a small company grow and become known. As I was reading the book, I became aware of more possibilities. I learned that there are certain things in life that should be given much importance in order to succeed.

Furthermore, I also believe that there are certain things in life that are taken for granted. As the book would state it, the success of a company is based on the leadership styles of its people. Effective leaders are classified as Level 5, wherein they are career driven and can handle the problems of the company. I agree with the author’s perception on this point, primarily because a company is always run by people. No matter how popular and impressive a company may be, its success is still based on how its people would run the company.

Although much has been discussed about the competence of the people employed in a company, it is still best to give recognition to others for their hard work and determination. Aside from the people, much importance should also be given to the economical state of the country, where the company is housed. I must agree that the book is focused on how people would become successful and great in their chosen field. However, the book also shows the readers the other side of life. In reality, life is not just about being hardworking and successful.

Before success is achieved, each and everyone would have to experience downfall and heartaches. This was carefully explained in the book, as hedgehogs. I know that the book may have contained too many symbolisms, but in reality, it has helped the readers to become more aware of reality. There were times when I would be thinking of how difficult things would be, as stated in the book. In reality, my thoughts, emotions and intellectual capabilities are being challenged in a good way.

If the book says that there is room and improvement for people in a company, then I believe that it is possible. Sometimes, I feel that I am hindered from showing my full potentials. However, the book showed me how things and situations done in my life would influence my growth as an individual. I am brought to a conclusion that the things that happen to my life are just mere products of what would happen in the future. If I would not do something about it, then these may result to more difficulties.

I know that I am only one of the many who have been touched by what the book, “Good to Great”, has in store. If people are not blinded by the difficulties and challenges of life, then I believe that more is in store for them. Growth would not be hindered, and the people would become more inspired than ever to do the things that they love the most. Furthermore, people would become inspired to work harder, and improve their craft for the betterment of the company, and of themselves.

In addition to this, these people would also pass on their knowledge to those who might find these useful. Being of great help to people is something that is taken for granted. However, with a little inspiration, and a little push, then I believe that anything is possible. For what its worth, I believe that this book should be read by professionals and individuals, especially those who indulge in the business world. Life is like a roller coaster, filled with crazy ideas and heartbreaking moments, but with some inspiration then anything is possible.

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