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Good sameritan essay

Should being a Good Samaritan be a law? This is a question that many people do not think about everyday. In my opinion, I believe that there should not be a law on being a Good Samaritan. I believe this because; there should not be a law that causes human beings to put their lives at risk, only to save another’s. This may sound selfish but it is also the truth. Do you think its right for human beings to put their livea at risk to save anothers? The Good Samaritans USA are afraid to Act article states “They are imposing on us a duty to assist, provided we don’t put ourselves at risk.” (Sjoerdsma Paragraph 4) This means that if we have to be Good Samaritans then there is a chance that we are putting ourselves at risk.

There is a chance that we could die. Therefore, there is a chance that there would be many deaths at a cause of this law. If you have a special relationship between the victims, then of course it would only be logical for you to help the person in need. For example, “certain people have a duty to take care of others…” (Sjoerdsma Paragraph 9) This would be like between a doctor and a patient. Then it would be the doctor’s duty to make sure that the patient is taken care of.

Also the article states “instead of compelling reluctant incompetent people to intervene, we should concentrate in protecting Good Samaritans who act now without force of law.” (Sjoerdsma Paragraph 6) Here we can clearly see that humans can be good people without law forcing them to do so. It would be better for all of the US to feel like they are doing a good deed by being a Good Samaritan rather than a requirement.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be a requirement for US citizens to always be a hero and do an act of kindness. This law would put not only one life at risk but the lives of many others at risk.

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