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Good Research Essay

Argumentative and persuasive research essay topics

A task to a write persuasive essay is typical for all members of colleges and universities. It is a challenge for some of them, as they feel a lack of experience as well as a scarcity of writing skills. However, it is not a challenge for those, who are familiar with the structure of the essay and useful writing hacks assisting in the preparation process. Primarily, it is of the utmost importance to deepen into the very essence of the assignment while dealing with persuasive essay writing. A persuasive essay as well as the argumentative essay are of the expository nature. The primary goal of the author is to render the primary idea to the target reader in a concise and accessible manner.

Persuasive paper research essay topics may become the first difficulty faced by the author. The best essay topic ideas usually arise in the mind of an author who faces the task to prepare this kind of work. An effective topic choosing strategy says that it is always a prolific technique to focus on the themes that are the most interesting for you or on those issues, with which you deal regularly. An interesting persuasive essay is usually a product of a writer who is fully involved in the writing and completely satisfied with the theme he received or created.

As is often the case, scholarly supervisors can provide students with the list of topics for college. However, there are cases, when people need to think about the formulation of the subject by themselves. Some persuasive essay topics are available on the web.

Here is the list of valid essay topics you may choose from.

  • The goal justifies the means.
  • Prospects for the development of moral values in society.
  • Business is immoral in its essence.
  • My moral duties terms of universal morality.
  • Influence on the virtue of social differentiation of society.
  • Good vs. evil – what will win in modern society?
  • There are the values of the ethical doctrine of the Ancient East, which I would consider desirable to render to a modern society.
  • There are values of ancient ethics, which I find beneficial to provide to a modern society.
  • The problem of the correlation of material and spiritual factors with specific goals and means in entrepreneurship.
  • Ethics and business – this concept is incompatible, right?

These essay topics are suitable for good persuasive speech and other types of speech and essay.

Structural peculiarities of a persuasive and argumentative essay

The defining features of the persuasive and argumentative essay are insignificant volume, a clear theme, given in straightforward, subjective interpretation, as well as a free composition. As a rule, an essay expresses a new, subjective vision of something. The style of the essay can be different. What is more, it is characterized by the use of numerous means of artistic expression: metaphors, allegorical images, symbols, comparisons.

Your persuasive essay has to start with the deepening of the peculiarities of structure of this writing. One has to dwell on the main structural elements of the text, not to overlook something important. Therefore, the structure of the good persuasive essay and analytical essay is the following. It consists of several elements – intro, main body, and conclusion. The beginning of assignment demands from the author the creation of a hook for the future paper. A hook is the first part of an essay, where an author presents his position and lets the reader familiarize with the key issues he is going to cover. Moreover, it serves as an instrument enabling to grab the attention of the target audience and make him read the text until the end.

The core of the assignment – the main body, follows the intro. Make sure to stick to the appropriate format. The purpose of the main body sentence is to familiarize the reader with the clear position of an author and make him understand the key points. The task of the author is to write everything using persuasive tone and supportive evidence enforcing the main idea of the text. Support the position with reliable and clear facts. Depending on the topic of the essay, it could be scientific or statistical data. Make sure to separate the paragraphs correctly and organize all the info logically and coherently.

The concluding part of the assignment of this kind also has its standards. The final section usually summarizes the key points. Make the reader feel the logical interrelations established between your thoughts and ideas. Moreover, there is a strong necessity to relate the concluding part with the intro paraphrasing the thesis. It will allow you to emphasize the main idea of writing once more and remind the reader of your position. Sum up everything ending with the effective phrase, so that the reader will have a positive feeling after reading your text.

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