Good People Essay

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Good People

The Good People play took place in 2011, and it was by David Lindsay. It was one of the most premiere plays in the world at the time. Its production got two nominations in 2011 for Tony awards, which included best play and best actress. This response paper will focus on the play titled good people. The paper will have an explanation of my opinion about the acting, producing, directing, lighting and clothing. The characters of the play were Mike, Margie, Dottie, Jean, Stevie and Kate.


The acting of the play was highly good, and one of the play’s characters Margie Walsh, who had been a resident of Southie for many years, was sacked from her position of employment due to tardiness. She had been a cashier at a dollar-store business. Margie went to her old friend with whom she schooled in high school who had become a doctor and sought for employment. She shamed her doctor friend by the name Mike for declining to invite her to his birthday. Margie was looking forward to the birthday party. This was because she wanted to capitalize on the party in order to mingle with the potential-employers.


The play was produced on Broadway in 2011. It began by the Broadway previews at a theatre known as Samuel Friedman on 8th February, 2011 and opened its doors to the public on 3rd March the same year. Its productions were extremely superb, where Daniel Sullivan was the director. The stars were Tate Donovan and Frances McDormand. Donovan acted as Mike while McDormand as Margie. Some other members of the cast included Becky Baker who acted as Jean, Estelle Parsons acted as Dottie, Patrick Carroll acted as Stevie, Renee Goldsberry acted as Kate. The play had a highly resourceful and creative team that included John Beatty who provided set pieces, David Zinn who provided costumes and Pat Collins who provided lighting. There was a limited engagement that was concluded on the 29th May, 2011 after more than 100 regular performances as well as 27 previews.


Daniel Sullivan directed the play, which starred Frances McDormand and Tate Donovan. Daniel Sullivan had been nominated as the director who would be the most outstanding in the play. The directing of the play was highly good through the introduction of various set pieces that were highly ridiculous as well as enjoyable. The directing was also fascinating and spectacular with some sense of humor from the director himself. The director had some comic effects that made the play funny as well as playful and in some instances causing prolonged laughter and stitches from the audience.


The lighting of the play provided a highly good ambience, which made the play highly attractive to watch. The acting stage was properly lit with some colored bulbs and fluorescent tubes. There were alternating bright and dim colors on the stage, which signified numerous messages that the actors wanted to communicate. The lighting system complimented with the costumes in a highly good and attractive way. Overall, the theatre had a bright lighting system that made all the people to be properly visible.


The actors had extremely attractive costumes that improved their appearance. The costumes or the clothing of the characters comprised of the mainstream cultures that were borrowed extensively from a multiplicity of various cultures in the world. The roles of the characters in the play clearly defined what particular costumes that was to be used. The costumes’ colors were highly attractive and expressed the various themes of the play.


Conclusively, Good People was a highly popular play that made people claim that it was a hit in the theatre clubs, in the larger Manhattan. The lovers of the play advocated for its justice by fighting for its recognition. One of its stars, Frances McDormand respected the women who worked extremely hard as a way of making a living without complaining. The scenes set up in the play was highly appealing and fascinating.

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