Good Habit Essay

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Good Habit

Good Habit were a professional touring band mostly from Penarth in South Wales, active 1970–1975.

They had one single “Find My Way Back Home” that was released by RCA and reviewed by John Peel in Sounds.

Some songs including “Ship of Gold” were recorded for Peel’s sessions. For a while the band wore green monastic habits on stage. Live favorites included Danger Zone and King of the Mountain, final numbers would be Keep on Moving and Chicken Shack Stomp/ Hey Bo Diddley. Good Habit toured with many well-known artists over the years, including Thin Lizzy, Gong, The Velvet Underground, Funkadelic, UFO, Focus, Rory Gallagher, The Who, Genesis, and others. Good Habit also played iconic music festivals, the 1972 Reading festival, and the first Glastonbury festival.

The band’s personnel included:

Alan Collier aka Clutch Gessler – guitar and vocals
Ian Thomson aka Orange Tom – baritone and tenor saxophone, flute (ex Stone Idol, Nite Time Pipeline) John Roberts aka Rubble – tenor and soprano saxophone (ex Stone Idol) Philip Blackmore aka Twillie – guitar, vocals (ex Stone Idol, Nite Time Pipeline) Peter Hughes – guitar (now in Blues Central)

Paul Stewart – drums, piano (ex Mad Dog, Nite Time Pipeline) David Land aka Toulouse La Fingers – bass, vocals (later in Racing Cars)

Peter replaced Twillie on guitar.[when?] In 1973 the sax players left. Ray Ennis aka Alice (ex The Swinging Blue Jeans) joined the band on guitar. Biffo replaced Paul on drums and Gareth Mortimer aka Morty (ex Ancient Grease) joined on vocals and tambourine. The finale songs at gigs became “Highway 69” followed by “Johnny B Goode/Bye Bye Johnny”. After Clutch left, Morty had taken over most of the songwriting and they became Racing Cars

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