Good for Another Essay

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Good for Another

We were in our final year in secondary school, and we were asked to pay for WAEC and NECO fees. Some paid for WAEC only, some paid for NECO only, while some paid for both. Three weeks before the closing date, me and my friend went out for break, though it was prohibited to eat your breakfast in the class but me and Ada often eat there. That day, when we went into class, we were surprise to see one of our classmate; Sarah crying. We asked her why she was crying and she told us her parent cannot afford to pay for her WAEC or NECO fees. I was touched by the way she was crying and I promise her I would pay for her, I told her I would tell my parents and I was sure they will pay for her. Me and Ada told her to wipe her tears before the rest of the student came in from break.

That day, when I reached home I told my mother about it and she promised to pay for her WAEC only, that she would give me the money in two days.

We all graduated from secondary school and we all made our result and almost all of us furthered our education to Universities of various types. I lost contact with Ada and Sarah since then but, you know; Life have to go on.

I was at the school café one day when I saw Sarah, oh my God! I can’t believe I was seeing her, we were so happy to see each other again after our life in secondary school. We talked for so long, and through our chatting I discovered her Dad was now rich, and she was studying Law. We exchanged phone numbers and hostel Numbers. We became friends again.

At the end of second semester in school, I went home only to find out my father was dead, he was hit by a bus the night before the day I came home. I wept, oh my God! I did not only wept because I lost my father, I also wept that my education might stop, I wept that all my years in school might be wasted. I wept that I fell sick and was admitted at the hospital for a week. A week after I was discharged from the hospital, I heard registration for next semester will be closing in one week. I told my mother, but she told me she cannot afford the fee. I was devastated, I was afraid that my greatest fear is coming to reality. I decided to go to Sarah for help, but to my greatest surprise, she told me she wanted to use the money she had for something else. It hurts me so much that I wept right in front of her. All she could tell me was she can’t give me the money.

I wept home and told my mother what Sarah told me, she could not believe this, she could not believe this was the girl she helped some years back. She told me to wipe my tears, and that life goes on. I was dropped out of school and I started apprenticeship in a salon shop not far from our house. After two years, I invested my own salon and with more effort and the help and support of my mother, my shop grew up. My salon became one of the best of the well known salon.

I was in my salon one day when Ada came in, I did not even notice her. I was busy working when I heard someone call my name, I turned and saw Ada, I shouted and hugged her. Oh Goodness, I was seeing Ada again after so many years. We chatted for a while and she told me she saw Sarah, she told me Sarah was dropped out of school and arrested by the Police, that she was caught with Cocaine. I told her what happened to me, how I was dropped out of school, she was surprise that Sarah could do such a thing to me, me of all people.

I told her I was well over it, and Sarah deserved all that happened to her. Though I am successful in life but, I will never forget how I was dropped out of school. I may forgive Sarah but, I will never forget what she did to me.

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