From old generation to the new generation young people are dying out quicker than their own parents due to obesity-related diseases every day. In the mid-1970’s there were no health issues relevant to obesity-related diseases but over time it began to be a problem when fast food industries started growing at a rapid pace. Energy is naturally created in the body when the nutrients are absorbed from the food that is consumed. When living a healthy lifestyle, these horrible health problems don’t appear, and the chances of prolonging life and enjoying life increase.

There are endless ways that people can enjoy life and make simple chances and incorporate in their daily lives to better their health. As these diseases proceed to incline, the consequences continue on and not only does it affect the current people, it also affects the new generations to come. Most of these life-threatening health diseases have no cure, but can be easily prevented simply by ensuring that the issue declines as a result of one’s choices in life.

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To prevent the youth from dying sooner or suffering from early life-threatening health issues such as obesity-related diseases, so it is important to deal with the problem early by being more self-disciplined and educated.

Having self-control is significantly important when trying to reach the goal on obtaining a healthier lifestyle, but it is challenging to form into a natural habit caused by the exposure of all unhealthy cravings. In the early 1970s, fast food companies did not yet exist so home-cooked meals were the only thing that people had to have every day in their household so the concern of trying to live a healthy life was never an existing problem.

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In the mid 1970’s the uprising of fast food industries appeared rapidly and during this time, the mothers had to work in order to support the family by making more money which caused their children to eat at fast food places since their household was always empty. (With life advancing everyday people’s lives become more adapted to their workforce and don;t always have time to make their own food, which resorts to commonly going to these fast food places since it is more convenient for them to travel 5 miles or less to get their meal which not only saves them time but also money.)

(Overall this causes the lack of self-care to increase as well as the risk of eventually dealing with the serious obesity-related disease within one’s life all because one was to ignorant to take it upon themselves to take control of their lives and allow society’s way of living affect their health rather than their money source.) (Choices that are made from being self-disciplined in life will ensure that as parents, they pass down these traits to their children to help create a trend of endurance within the family tree.) (This ultimately come down to being able to self-evaluate one’s own worth and take the responsibility to not enlarge the problem, but instead find ways to better the situation by implying reasonable health goals such as better dieting to one’s own life.)

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