Good Communication Skills Are Essential for Teachers Essay

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Good Communication Skills Are Essential for Teachers

There are many Primary School teachers that work in our society, teaching children different subjects and skills whilst at school. These subjects consist of Maths, English, art, PE and History. The curriculum set by the board of education is essential so children can learn to read and write amongst other skills learnt so they may be able to as adults live and function productively in society. For students to learn these skills efficiently Early Primary school teachers need to have good communication skills. The four key areas that good communication is imperative is teaching students, interacting with parents, consulting with staff and behaviour management. Early Primary school Teachers need great communication skills to be able to teach children so they can learn to the best of their ability. Teachers will be teaching children who are in different levels of development and abilities. They need good communication skills verbally and physically to cater for the different capacities that children learn at, and cater their teaching styles to them. Teachers have goals and objectives they aim to achieve whilst teaching children in primary school. They need to be able to differentiate their teaching style whilst teaching a subject or activity the class is doing to cater for the different learning abilities. This needs to be communicated to the students in a simple , clear format both written and verbal . This enables students who have low attainment levels

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