Good, Bad and Disturbing News about the Future Essay

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Good, Bad and Disturbing News about the Future

It seems that the development of our technology has some price to pay. In his article entitled “Good, Bad and Disturbing News about the Future”, Dr. Malcolm Smith, a family life specialist addresses to parents the transformations that many teenagers are undergoing over the changing times. According to him, “Our young people are very connected, yet they feel very unattached” and with this loss of the sense of belongingness, the youth has resorted into various self-destructive behaviors such as violence and despair, among others.

The youth may already have various means of connecting to other people but they do not have the attachment that people before used to have. Parents must be alarmed at the revelation that not many teenagers are able to communicate with adults well and this could lead to disobedience, which is, by the way, one of the Ten Commandments written in the Scriptures. The increasing disregard of the youth for others has caused them to rebel and go against what the teachings of their parents.

In the end, this disregard leads them to lose their fear over the Supreme Being. While the whole world may be planning ways on how to survive future happenings such as recessions and the like, Malcolm said that it might also be high time to think over what can be done to change the youth’s attitude on life. A ministry can greatly help guide the youth such as through the retelling of the Scriptures, so that they have a chance to reflect on how they have lived their own life.

This is a hard task at the beginning; however, as teenagers would only like to feel like they belong to some group, allowing them to interact with those who have similar situations can help them feel comfortable in no time. Bringing in family and ministry support to misguided teenagers could help prepare them for the future, helping them to survive and live life free from violence and rebellion.

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