Gomorrah by Robert Saviano Essay

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Gomorrah by Robert Saviano

Saviano is a son of a doctor who grew up in Naples a place which he writes about describing it as a place where all the bad things turns to be total purity. His book Gomorrah was one of the bestseller in Italy. In this book, Saviano has gripping nonfiction of how the Naples declined under the rule of Camorra. Camorra was a network of crime that was organized and had international connections. The crime network dealt in construction, toxic waste disposal and with drugs that were prohibited in the country. Saviano shows how Camorra affects the villages and cities, which were located in the Neapolitan coast.

He explains that this was the reason as to why Campania has highest rates of murder in Europe and the rise of cancer levels (Saviano, 2008). In the book Saviano tells how large cargoes containing goods from china which are taken to Naples and then distributed without being checked all over Europe. He makes an investigation of how Camorra controls many factories belonging to Chinese and which are contracted to manufacture good both legally and illegally to be distributed all over the world. He relates the chilling details on the negative effects that the toxic wastes to the people.

For example, he looks at the devastating pollution caused not only to Naples but also to Somalia and China. He has good grasp of this information as he worked at a Chinese textile manufacture as an assistant. (Saviano, 2008). He narrates how he experienced his first murder when he was just fourteen years of age and how his father doctor was beaten brutally for trying to assist a victim who was left dead in the street. This book depicts important work, which contains investigative writings, which have great global importance.

It has a perfectly realized journey, which has a lot of morals through the brutal world of modern life of the mob in Italy. The book is of great importance and a must be read book for anybody who is interested in the state of modern Europe. The book highlights two important points. It shows the wealth and power which had been accumulated by Italian Mafias over the recent years. The books also shows the fact that globalization makes them to be an issue that is of concern for many people. He gives description of the effects that gang war has on ordinary citizens in a masterly way.

In the final chapter of the book, Saviano sets in the apocalyptic wilderness of the smoudering waste dumps of Camorra. The chapter depicts how garbage crisis in Naple happened. In the book, he cites Michael Herr as an influencial figure in his work and approaches his hometown in form or a war reporter. To enrich and to use fact in his writing Saviano makes a visit several crime scenes where he records the final words and the experiences of the dying people and the dead. The murders he describes in the book are so senseless and cruel.

For example, he describes a scene whereby the head of a person had not been cut off by use of a hatchet but by use of metal grinder (Saviano, 2008). He uses a prose, which flows beautifully from degradation and pestilence of life in the Neapolitan slums. He also gives description of the futile efforts the police puts in place as they try to control the rich. He shows that organic chaos is the only kind of lifestyle that Camorra know to live. References Saviano, R. (2008) Gomorrah: Italy’s Other Mafia, Pan Books,

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